SignHouse VS Signeasy: 2024 Comparison

Changing Signeasy to SignHouse will improve your workflow and save countless hours of work: free and custom documents, electronic signatures, PDF tools, and more!
100% free to try
No hidden costs
Used by 1,000s of people
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Unlimited documents

At SignHouse, we’ve spent lots of our time on building the library of contract templates. There you can find many documents that you can duplicate freely.

Legally binding eSignatures

All of our electronic signatures are legally binding. You don't need to pay for any digital certificate or experience any hidden fees.

Quite an offer: Forever!

Pay once for SignHouse and enjoy electronically signing documents forever with our lifetime deal offer. No need to pay monthly for Signeasy anymore!

People ❤️ SignHouse

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Paid for itself from day 1.
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Never looked back."
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Going from Signeasy to SignHouse

Switching from Signeasy to SignHouse is more than just saving money. Sure, you're going to pay just once rather than every month, but there are many other smalelr features that add up

Customizable documents

Aside from our library of contract and agreement templates that you can duplicate and use for free, you can upload any document and edit its contents in seconds: compress, convert to other formats, and more.

Smarter collaboration with your team

You won't have to wait for a clunky system to load your documents and attach your eSignature to them. Invite all of your team's members to SignHouse and enjoy electronically signing files and editing different documents in seconds.

Free migration: Signeasy to SignHouse

Switching from Signeasy to SignHouse won't be a pain at all. We're here to cover all of the technical details when it comes to changing your eSignature provider. Hence, you can start editing documents with SignHouse immediately.

No need to install an app

At SignHouse, you can work 100% only in your browser. Save the time you'd spend on downloading an app (and some memory in your device) by simply accessing our online signature maker and file editor. Let's work more efficiently, together.

"A Game-Changer for Agencies.

What I appreciate most about SignHouse is its seamless, user-friendly interface which makes document management quick and efficient. It's transformed our workflow by reducing document prep time and increasing conversion rates. Plus, the workspace feature significantly enhances team collaboration and transparency."
Ankit J.

Signeasy vs SignHouse: What's right for me?

That's a very good question. Obviously, we think that SignHouse is a very good service, but we have to be honest and help you make the right decision for you needs.

Both SignHouse and Signeasy help you turn your physical signature into an electronic one. And then, both help you eSign with your whole team (and share documents as well).

Although, Signeasy is primarily an electronic signature builder. At SignHouse, we're helping you do moer than that, all in the same place: introducing our PDF editor and document builder.

Go beyond signing — Edit documents

While Signeasy lets you electronically sign documents, know you can also build and edit them with SignHouse.

One key feature that Signeasy is missing is the document editor. Though, we've got you covered with our PDF editor that lets you do so many things: add text, compress, convert, and so on.

You can import your own document and start editing it before sending it to other signees.

With our drag and drop document builder, you can select any field from the menu on the left, and simply attach it to the file.

Start with a free template

Aside from our eSignature maker and document builder, we've also got many contract templates that you can grab and edit against no charge.

With SignHouse, you can built all types of documents: freelancer contracts, construction contracts, marketing agreements, and generally any type of contract or agreement.

SignHouse Contract Templates

These are part of our library of contract/agreement templates, and you can always duplicate, edit, and electornically sign them for free.

Besides, you can always import your very own documents to edit and digitally sign them.

Our templates simply make it easier for you to have a starting point. They're very good especially when you're in a hurry and can't spend time on researching what an agreement should look like.

Request attachments easier

Truth is that you can request email attachments with both SignHouse and Signeasy. One difference is that you need to paymore for Signeasy.

You can request attachments at plans that are over $60/user/mo, and if that's not the plan you're looking for, it can be a pain to have to pay more just for one feature.

On the other hand, SignHouse lets you request attachments from your signees on all plans. No need to pay any extras — simply enjoy all the features of our eSignature solution.

Unlimited analytics

As you may know by now, eSigning documents with us is pretty easy:

  • Upload your document;
  • Customize & Select who signs;
  • Download or Share.

With SignHouse, you get unlimited analytics featurs. This means that you get to know when your document was received by your signees, when they've opened it, and when they've signed it.

You do get some of these features at Signnow as well, but the truth is that they're quite limited, meaning that you don't get all of the analytics that you can get on all of SignHouse's plans.

Here's how much you could save by moving to SignHouse

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Frequently asked questions

Are your electronic signatures legal?

Our signatures are 100% legally binding, as SignHouse is built around US and International Laws concerning digital signatures. SignHouse eSignatures are on par with paper signatures, from a legal point of view!

Signing papers digitally started being equal to physical, handwritten signatures in the U.S. eSignature Act of 2000 (U.S. Federal Act) + the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA). As a consequence, laws in other countries have followed suit. SignHouse is built around these laws.

Are you adding an actual eSignature or just an image?

All signatures are a real, eSignature that is 100% legally binding.

We save important, relevant data (that can be used legally in all types of situations, including in courts) such as identifiable details of a person, IP addresses, etc, just so our electronic signatures can be as valid as digital signatures can get.

What about privacy and security?

SignHouse's signatures are secure for all kinds of businesses and companies. All our signatures happen on a secure, SSL-connected domain. Documents are not made public and unique keys are generated through SignHouse so that privacy and security are at the foundation of the documents on our platform.

How do my signees get to sign with SignHouse?

We've streamlined the signing process so that your signees can sign your documents with no hurdles at all — and with the smallest amount of steps required. It can take as little as 30 seconds! 

How do you compare to ______?

We have a generous free plan, so we highly encourage you to make the comparison yourself! It costs you nothing - and no hard feelings if you don't want to go with us.

We would really love to know what made you go with us or somebody else! If you could take a moment to write to us about that, we'd highly appreciate it.

What if I have more questions?

Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗