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A simpler and more efficient DocuSign Alternative

For a long time, eSignature software has been slow, clunky and complicated. It’s hard to understand, time-consuming to use (for you and your signees), and worse, it still feels like you’re using software from the early 2000s.

SignHouse is a refresh: it transforms eSigning into something you want to use, not something you’re forced to deal with. Prepare documents 3x faster, and get a 31%+ increase in conversion rates.

It's time to ditch DocuSign

DocuSign is software made in the early 2000s. It might have been updated, but it's slow and clunky. It's hard to understand. And when you understand it, it's still complicated for your signees.

Besides, DocuSign's pricing is a problem: you pay the same high price per user/seat — but you don't get the same utility for every dollar paid. Pricing then starts piling up, as your team grows.

There's no reason why you, in 2024, should use software made for the previous decades.

That's why we built SignHouse: a more efficient, simple but powerful, blazing-fast alternative optimized for the least amount of clicks needed to use. Our users report that they're preparing documents 3x faster and that their conversion rates (% of people that sign the documents) go up by 31%.

Here's what makes SignHouse a great DocuSign alternative, and why people are migrating from DocuSign:

Fair pricing: Lifetime Deal → Money Saver

We're trying something new, for a limited number of customers. We’ll be honest: eSigning tools' prices are not set that way because they have to be. They’re set that way because it’s more profitable for the company. We’re trying something else, for a limited number of customers: pay once → get full access for life.

Think of buying the lifetime deal as an investment.

The earlier you get in, the more money you save.

No subscriptions, just one-time fees

Whereas costs keep piling up every month or year with DocuSign, with SignHouse, you only pay once. For most people, the only moment when you'd pay more is if your team has grown. And then guess what happens: another simple one-time fee - still no ongoing subscription that keeps on getting bigger.

3x faster, 31% increased conversion rate

When your signees don’t need an instruction manual to sign a document online, they sign 3x faster and you get a 31%+ increase in CVR. SignHouse is software made in 2024 and it shows. Nothing is extra, everything is simplified for speed and efficiency. No more software from the early 2000s, made for the past decades.

100% Legally-binding eSignatures. And unlimited

Documents signed with SignHouse are 100% legally-binding. Digital signatures, online signatures, electronic signatures or eSignatures — all fully covered. SignHouse is fully compliant with: ESIGN Act (2000) and UETA (1999).

With SignHouse, you don’t need to worry about limits. You can send as many documents to be signed as you want - or need! And to an unlimited number of people. Speaking of people, clients and customers sign for free - 100%.

Invite team members for less $

Need to collaborate? With SignHouse, you can create unlimited workspaces. It’s so easy, you can even create multiple workspaces just for yourself, to organize your work like folders. In a workspace, everything is shared with the workspace members.

Check out a fair comparison to our competition.

And so much more...

Buying a lifetime deal (LTD) is like becoming an investor. An investor in our company, our vision and our product. We're building SignHouse with you and are actively listening to what else you might need. LTD buyers contribute to our roadmap and are the closest supporters of the company.

We hope you'll join us!


Daniel and David (Co-founders of SignHouse)

P.S. We're completely independent, self-funded, bootstrapped and debt-free. We're not interested in raising funds from VCs, public markets, etc. We're operating a sustainable business and this isn't the 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd...) successful business we're starting. Read more about us in our open letter to our early adopters.

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