SignHouse VS Foxit eSign: 2024 Comparison

Trade Foxit eSign for SignHouse to enjoy better legally binding electronic signature, as well as a powerful PDF editor and secure documents
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Advanced document editing

At SignHouse, you’re getting access to a powerful file editor that lets gives you so many options: compress, convert, password protect, and so much more.

Legally binding signatures

Not only that all of our eSignatures are 100% legally binding, but you can work with your whole team to eSign documents and send them for signing.

Pay once & Use forever

Join many others and get our lifetime deal offer. You'll pay only once and have SignHouse forever. That's it, no annoying monthly or yearly fees!

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Going from Foxit to SignHouse

SignHouse is the perfect fit for all major industries and business teams. Our software is optimized to offer you and your team the best experience eSigning documents

Made for teams of all sizes

Whether you want to sign PDF documents alone, as a duo, or with many other team members, know that SignHouse has your back. Our eSign software is built to last and help all of your team's members digitally sign.

Create more efficient documents

Start with our free contract and agreement templates instead of researching what a document should look like. Duplicating, editing, and eSigning a document takes only a few seconds at SignHouse. Let's work more efficiently, together.

Migrate from Foxit eSign for free

You're one step away from changing Foxit eSign for SignHouse. One last thing you should know is that it won't be a headache to migrate from Foxit eSign. We'll take care of all the technical sides for your convenience. Relax, sit back, and let's eSign.

Work online with no hassle

You won't have to download yet another app in your device — may that be your computer or your mobile device. SignHouse is 100% online-based, which means you can work on your PDF documents in your browser at all times.

"A Game-Changer for Agencies.

What I appreciate most about SignHouse is its seamless, user-friendly interface which makes document management quick and efficient. It's transformed our workflow by reducing document prep time and increasing conversion rates. Plus, the workspace feature significantly enhances team collaboration and transparency."
Ankit J.

Foxit vs SignHouse: What's right for me?

Good question! We think SignHouse is one of your very best questions, but here's a rational comparison to Foxit eSign.

Both SignHouse and Foxit offer powerful online signature makers, email reminders, document analytics, and other helpful features.

Unlike other eSignature solutions, SignHouse and Foxit are all-in-one tools, meaning that you can first build, then edit, and electronically sign documents. Though, Foxit has less editing features.

Now, let's help you decide between Foxit eSign and SignHouse.

Build what you'll sign

Foxit and SignHouse have document builders (and editors, of course). This means that you can build documents from scratch, a well as upload and edit already-existing files.

SignHouse goes beyond Foxit, as there are many features that you can access — some of them are missed by Foxit, as their editor has limited featuers.

Some of the PDF tools that you get at SignHouse are: combining, converting, protecting, and over 100 other features.

SignHouse PDF Tools

Take a look at our library of PDF tools and check out how much you can customize documents.

Both Foxit and SignHouse let you edit and build documents on all their plans — it all comes down to how much you can actually modify your documents.

Collaborate for cheaper

Working in teams is essential, and when looking for an electronic signature software, you're probably looking to use it with your team, or generally with more than 1 or 2 individuals.

Foxit makes it harder for you to collaborate on documents with your team, as you need to be at least on the $300/year plan to invite more than a few signees.

At SignHouse, you're free to work with your team on all plans, without having to pay any extras. Enjoy all the features you'll ever need: share, multi-user signing, in-person signing, and so on.

In-person signing

Speaking of which, you can electronically sign in any industry with your team and clients in-person as well. What does this mean?

You can sign documents on the same device. Instead of signing a document yourself and sending it to other signees via email, you can all use the same one device to eSign in person.

Save the time that once used to be wasted on preparing emails, sending them, checking multiple inboxes and spam folders — simply use the same device.

While Foxit lets you electronically sign in person, this is yet another feature that you need to pay at least $300 for. With SignHouse, you can use in-person signing on all plans.

Get email attachments

Some documents can get pretty complicated — we get it.

When you or your signees have to upload attachments via email (images, documents, videos, and other media) when signing files, SignHouse lets you upload all types of files.

On the other hand though, Foxit eSign doesn't allow you to upload any email attachments. With SignHouse, you can always request signatures and attachments via email from your signees.

Here's how much you could save by moving to SignHouse

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Frequently asked questions

Are your electronic signatures legal?

Our signatures are 100% legally binding, as SignHouse is built around US and International Laws concerning digital signatures. SignHouse eSignatures are on par with paper signatures, from a legal point of view!

Signing papers digitally started being equal to physical, handwritten signatures in the U.S. eSignature Act of 2000 (U.S. Federal Act) + the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA). As a consequence, laws in other countries have followed suit. SignHouse is built around these laws.

Are you adding an actual eSignature or just an image?

All signatures are a real, eSignature that is 100% legally binding.

We save important, relevant data (that can be used legally in all types of situations, including in courts) such as identifiable details of a person, IP addresses, etc, just so our electronic signatures can be as valid as digital signatures can get.

What about privacy and security?

SignHouse's signatures are secure for all kinds of businesses and companies. All our signatures happen on a secure, SSL-connected domain. Documents are not made public and unique keys are generated through SignHouse so that privacy and security are at the foundation of the documents on our platform.

How do my signees get to sign with SignHouse?

We've streamlined the signing process so that your signees can sign your documents with no hurdles at all — and with the smallest amount of steps required. It can take as little as 30 seconds! 

How do you compare to ______?

We have a generous free plan, so we highly encourage you to make the comparison yourself! It costs you nothing - and no hard feelings if you don't want to go with us.

We would really love to know what made you go with us or somebody else! If you could take a moment to write to us about that, we'd highly appreciate it.

What if I have more questions?

Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗