Zapier Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

Key Zapier user stats. Includes data on Zapier's revenue, worth, top industries using Zapier, number of employees, and more.
Last updated on:
July 10, 2024
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Zapier Interesting Key Facts

  • Zapier was founded in 2011 as part of the first Startup Weekend in Columbia.
  • In March 2017, Zapier offered a “de-location package” consisting of $10,000 in moving reimbursement to employees who want to move away from the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Job applications increased by 50% after the announcement of the “de-location package”
  • Since 2011, Zapier has been a fully remote company.
  • Zapier has a No-Code day. In 2020, the company launched No-Code day with a competition of $25,000 as the cash prize.
  • According to Wade Foster, Zapier’s main vision has always been to help small business owners that are overlooked by larger companies.
  • Amidst the spread of Covid-19, Zapier set up a $1 million small business assistance fund for struggling business owners in 2020.
  • Zapier avoids fund raising as much as possible. However, in the latest funding round, investors from large companies found a way into the business to buy the company’s shares and no through any of the founders but from old investors when the company was just starting.
  • None of the founders participated in the sale. They are still viewing this in an optimistic approach as they believe that it took some pressure off the company.

Sources: TechCrunch, The Guardian, CNBC

Zapier: Company Overview (About)

Zapier, the integration platform, was founded in 2012 as a private business and saw a great expansion ever since. Let’s have a look at an overview of Zapier!

Sources: Zapier, Linkedin

Zapier Revenue (ARR)

Zapier has an annual recurring revenue of $140 million in 2021.

Zapier has different plans and pricing that range from $0 up to $799.

Graph about Zapier Revenue

Various sources stated that Zapier had a steady recurring revenue of $50 million from 2018 to 2020.

Though, after 2020, you can see how Zapier’s revenue went almost triple by 2021, reaching $140 million.

Source: Forbes, Get Latka, Forbes, Zapier

Zapier Funding History

In funding of 3 rounds, Zapier has raised a total of $1.4 million. The secondary market round was their latest funding raised on April 15, 2021.

Above you can see the three funding rounds at Zapier.

Source: Crunchbase

How much is Zapier worth?

In 2021, Zapier was valued at $5 billion.

The company only raised $1.4 million in venture capital over 3 funding rounds with Sequoia Capital as the lead investor.

Infographic about Zapier valuation

Source: Forbes

Who invested in Zapier?

Zapier has raised a total number of 8 investors, 1 of which is a lead investor. The table below will show us a more detailed look.

As previously mentioned, Squoia Capital is Zapier’s lead investor.

Note how Zapier managed to get even a Y Combinator funding as well.

Source: Crunchbase

How does Zapier make money?

Zapier makes money through its different products. Zapier’s CEO, Foster, stated in an interview that 25% of their revenue comes from teams from large companies with subscriptions that run up to $599 a month, while the rest comes from small business owners and customers that pay $19.99 or $49 per month.

Source:  Forbes, Zapier

Zapier Acquisitions

Zapier has only made 1 acquisition so far. The company has acquired Makerpad on March 8, 2021. Makerpad is a no-code education service and community. It teaches its community members how to create software without writing code.

While there’s no public figure assigned to this acquisition, it is believed that the Zapier acquisition of Makerpad sits comfortably in the 7-figures area (meaning: millions of dollars).

Source: Crunchbase, Linkedin

What is Zapier’s market share?

Zapier has a market share of 3.70% in enterprise application integration with 5,000+ companies.

Infographic about Zapier's market share

Source: Enlyft

What are the top industries using Zapier?

The top industries using Zapier are the Computer Software industry and Information Technology and Services.

Graph about top industries using Zapier

The table below shows us a detailed breakdown.

There are almost 800 companies using Zapier in the computer software industry.

Look at the bottom of the table, and you’ll see how even E-Learning companies us Zapier as well.

Source: Enlyft

What are the top countries using Zapier?

According to Enlyft, 59% of Zapier customers are in the United States, 7% are in the United Kingdom and 5% are in Canada.

Graph about top countries using Zapier

The table presents us with a more detailed breakdown.

The United States has by far more customers using Zapier (3,011) than any other country.

In the table above, you can see how Spain has the lowest amount of Zapier customers, with only 58.

Source: Enlyft

How many people work at Zapier?

As of December 2022, according to Zapier’s Linkedin account, they have more than 800 employees.

Graph about Zapier employee count

In 2021, CEO Foster stated that Zapier has 100 employees working closely with small customers to make sure everything is running correctly.

As of January 2022, Zapier has 500 employees across 38 countries.

Sources: Forbes, CNBC

How many partners does Zapier have?

Currently, there are two partnerships at Zapier.

Zapier is in partnership with Brex, a Fintech company. Their partnership was announced in 2020. The partnership between the two allows easier workflow automation between their products.

In 2021, Sage, the market leader for cloud business management solutions, announced their partnership with Zapier.

  • 2020: Partnered with Brex
  • 2021: Partnered with Sage

Source: TechCrunch, GlobalNewsWire

How many businesses use Zapier?

Zapier stated that there are more than 2 million businesses that use Zapier.

Graph about How many businesses use Zapier

Source: Zapier

How many people use Zapier?

In 2020, there were at least 3 million people using Zapier.

Zapier has not announced any recent data about their current users. However, through various sources, the table below shows us how many users they had through the years.

Sources: GrooveHQ, Zapier, Get Laka

What is the age distribution of people who visit Zapier?

Zapier The most populra ge bracket for Zapier’s users is the 25-34 group, with almost 37% of the total users.

Graph about Zapier age distribution

Then, Zapier is also really comon with the 18-24 age group, as almost 22% of the total users fall in this group.

This data contains estimations based on Zapier’s website traffic.

Source: Similarweb

What is the gender distribution of people who visit Zapier?

Zapier has 63.23% male users, as well as 36.77% female users.

Graph about Zapier gender distribution

Source: Similarweb

Zapier’s plans & pricing

Zapier has 5 plans: Free, Starter, Professional, Team, and Company.

The table below shows the plans, their pricing and a description of them. As of December 2022, these are Zapier’s plans and pricing.

Source: Zapier

What SaaS and business apps are most commonly used in automated workflows?

Zapier is most used within Google Workspace, Slack, and Mailchimp. The table below shows 10 of hte most popular apps.

These are the most commonly used SaaS and business apps in automated workflows according to Zapier. This data is gathered from Zapier’s users

Also, Zapier works across 5,000+ apps (2021).

Source: Zapier 1, Zapier 2

What are the most automated tasks on Zapier?

Data Entry is the most automated task on Zapier, with 38% of the total tasks. Not far away is the Document Creating & Organization, with 32% of the tasks.

Graph about Zapier most automated tasks

The Lead Management and Invetory Management & Distribution tasks are also commonly automated on Zapier.

Souce: Zapier

What are the fastest-growing Apps according to Zapier?

ClickUp is the fastest-growing app on Zapier. It has a growth rate of 170%!

Graph about Zapier fastest growing applications

Facebook Custom Audiences is really popular as well, with a growth rate of 160%.

This information is gathered by Zapier across its supported apps based on their growth rate.

Source: Zapier

How many apps are integrated with Zapier?

As of December 2022, Zapier has more than 5,000 integration app partners.

Infographic about number of apps integrated with Zapier

Sources: Drift, Zapier

What are the most popular apps integrated with Zapier?

These are the most popular apps integrated with Zapier as of December 2022.

  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp
  • Discord
  • Notion
  • Facebook Pages

Source: Zapier

Zapier Website Traffic Analysis

Source: HypeStat

Zapier Website Traffic Sources

Zapier gets most of its traffic through direct sources, with 55.92% of the total traffic.

Graph about Zapier Website Traffic Sources

Zapier is commonly found through search (25.90%) and referral (14.03%) sources as well.

Source: HypeStat

Zapier Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

  • 82.15% of the users visit the website through desktop devices
  • 17.85% of the users visit the website through mobile devices
Graph about Zapier Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

Source: HypeStat

How much time do people spend on Zapier?

The average time spent by people visiting Zapier is 5 minutes and 28 seconds.

Infographic about How much time do people spend on Zapier

Source: Similarweb

What are the top 5 countries visiting Zapier?

The United States is the #1 country visiting Zapier, with almost 31% of the total users. There’s India, with almost 6% of the visits.

According to estimates based on traffic, these are the top five countries that are visiting Zapier.

Source: Similarweb

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