How To Type On PDF Files (Free)

Learn how to type on a PDF — it's free and it takes 10 seconds. You'll be able to type on your PDF on this very page!
Last updated on:
July 09, 2023
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So you’re here because:

  • You’ve got a PDF file;
  • And you want to write something on it;
  • But you don’t really know how to do it.

We’ve tested all the PDF typing tools on the internet, and none of them is as quick and straight to the point as this method.

Let’s go straight into the subject without wasting any time.

Why can’t I type on a PDF?

You can’t type on a PDF because its security settings restrict everybody from this action. PDF documents were made in the 90s with the thought of having a file format that doesn’t allow editing once created, hence why it’s hard to type on it.

There are some ways to type on a PDF online, especially with tools like Adobe and SignHouse. While Adobe costs, SignHouse helps you type on a PDF for free

How to type on a PDF file for free

The most useful way to type on a PDF is to use an online software. With our free tool, you have to upload the PDF and click anywhere to start typing. Then you can download the typed PDF for free, without any gimmicks.

  1. Upload a PDF;
  2. Click anywhere;
  3. Start typing.
How to write on a PDF

Liking this document? Our library of contracts has many templates like this!

Once uploading your PDF to SignHouse, you can start typing anything and saving the work. There’s no limit for how many text boxes you can add.

You can drag the text boxes around so they would fit on the PDF’s fillable fields or any other place where you want the text to be in.

How do I enable typing on a PDF?

Make a PDF editable so you can enable the typing function with a free and online software like ours: simply drag and drop your PDF and click anywhere to type.

Then, save the changes and download your PDF file for free. No tricks at all.

Can I type on a PDF without Adobe Acrobat?

You can make a PDF fillable without Adobe Acrobat so you can start typing on it:

  1. Go to our typing tool (it’s free);
  2. Upload a PDF file;
  3. Click anywhere & Start typing;
  4. Download the new PDF.

It’s really that easy to do it!

Got any other questions about this software? Head to the FAQ section below and see answers for all of your PDF typing questions.


Can you type on a PDF for free?

Yes, absolutely. There are many online free software for PDF typing (we have one too), and most of them simply require you to upload the PDF and click wherever you want to type.

How can I type on a PDF in Google Docs?

Use Google Docs to type on a PDF in the following manner:

  1. Add your PDF to Google Drive;
  2. Click on the file to preview it;
  3. Select "Open with Google Docs" at the top;
  4. Start typing on the PDF;
  5. Save as PDF when done

How do I type on a PDF without Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is an expensive way to type a PDF. Use a free online PDF typing tool, like ours:

  1. Upload the PDF;
  2. Click anywhere;
  3. Start typing.

How do I type on a PDF?

To properly type on a PDF (for free), you should use a software like SignHouse to:

  1. Upload the PDF document;
  2. Click anywhere & Start typing;
  3. Save the edited PDF.

At SignHouse, we can help you type on a PDF against no charge. It's also quick!

How do you enable typewriter tool on PDF?

You can enable the typewriter tool on a PDF using Adobe Acrobat (which is paid) or using a free online software like ours: upload the PDF and click anywhere to add a text box.

How to type on a PDF from email?

Received a PDF via email and you need to type on it? Go to our PDF editor and upload your file. Then, click anywhere to write on it and save the file when you're done. It's 100% free!

Is there a way to type on a PDF using my iPhone?

Type on a PDF using your iPhone:

  1. Upload the PDF to our editor;
  2. Tap the screen anywhere;
  3. Start typing on your PDF;
  4. Download (100% for free).

Why can’t I type on a PDF on Mac?

PDF files are meant to have uneditable content - that is why you can't edit them on Mac. Though, if you want to, you can always our free PDF editor that lets you type anything on the file.

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