Tinder Usage and Growth Statistics (2024)

Key Tinder user stats. Includes data on Tinder's revenue, valuation, investments, active users, number of employees, and more.
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Tinder Interesting Key Facts

  • “Matchbox” was Tinder’s original name. The founders then changed it into Tinder after consulting a thesaurus.
  • The fire-like theme of the app came from the idea that it could create a spark that ignites the flame of romantic matches.
  • Originally, Tinder was supposed to revolve around the click-based function. However, through Sean Rad and Jonathan Badeen, the function was evolved into a swipe-based feature featuring a deck of cards as the model.
  • Jonathan Badeen got the idea of the swipe feature while cleaning a mirror.
  • Tinder was the first online dating app to have the swipe feature.
  • In 2014, Whitney Wolfe, former vice president and founder of Tinder, filed a sexual harassment and sex discrimination suit against Match Group, the parent company of Tinder.
  • Whitney Wolfe left Tinder and founded Bumble, another online dating app.
  • In 2016, there were 7.5 million Tinder swipes in India each day.
  • Tinder established its first international office in India.
  • 40% of U.S. college students prefer to use Tinder to find hookups and use Bumble to find their dating partner.
  • Meanwhile, 50% of college students believSource: Linkedin

Sources: Biz Journals, CNBC, Scroll, Time

Tinder: Company Overview (About)

Tinder, originally known as Matchbox, is an app that you most definitely heard of before. Here are some key details about Tinder!

Sources: CNBC, Linkedin, Global Dating Insight

What is Sean Rad’s net worth?

In 2018, Sean Rad’s net worth was estimated to be around $3.1 billion.

Source: Daily Mail

What is Whitney Wolfe’s net worth?

In 2021, Whitney Wolfe’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.5 billion.

Source: Standard

Tinder Revenue

In 2021, Tinder’s revenue was of $1.65 billion. In contrast, it used to be $403 million in 2017.

Graph about Tinder Revenue

The future of Tinder looks bright, as with each new year they get more users and increase revenue. Though, only time will tell the final verdict.

Source: Statista

Tinder Funding History

There have been only three investments in Tinder in the past. Two of them were in 2014, and the most recent one in 2017.

It’s known that Tinder managed to raise $50 million throughout the years.

Source: Crunchbase

How much is Tinder worth?

According to Morgan Stanley, Tinder was worth $42 billion in 2021.

Graph about Tinder's valuation

Source: Dot.LA, Bloomberg, Forbes, Medium

Who invested in Tinder?

There are two investors that funded tinder and both of them are lead investors.

Source: Crunchbase

How does Tinder make money?

Tinder’s main revenue comes from its in-app purchases on Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Platinum. Aside from that, the app also makes money through advertisements.

Sources: Tinder, Epiprodux

Tinder Acquisitions

Tinder has made a total of 3 acquisitions from since 2015. The prices for these acquisitions remain undisclosed. The table below shows us more details.

Source: Crunchbase

Tinder Investments

Tinder has made an investment for Vina on September 22, 2016. This investment was valued at $1.4 million.

Source: Crunchbase

What is Tinder’s market share?

We have no clear data on Tinder’s market share based on its revenue. However, we can see Match Group’s market share in the online dating app market. This data was gathered in 2020.

Infograph about Tinder's market share

Source: The Conversation

What is Tinder’s market share by the number of downloads?

Tinder has a market share of 27.6% in 2022 followed closely by Bumble with 18% of the total number of global downloads.

Graph about Tinder's market share number of downloads

Source: Statista

How many monthly active users does Tinder have?

In 2022, Tinder has 75 million monthly active users in 2022.

Graph about Tinder's monthly active users

Source: Dating Zest, Reuters, TechCrunch

Gender Distribution of Tinder Users

Based on the web traffic, there are 65.23% of the users are males and 34.77% of the users are females.

Graph about Gender Distribution of Tinder Users

Source: Similarweb

Age Distribution of Tinder Users

According to this estimation, majority of Tinder users are 25 to 34 years old with 33.61% percentage from the total Tinder user population.

Graph about Age Distribution of Tinder Users

The second most popular age group on the Tinder app is the 18-24 age group, covering 27.14% of Tinder’s whole users.

Source: Similarweb

How many people work at Tinder?

As per LinkedIn’s information, there are more than 900 people that work at Tinder in 2022.

Graph about Tinder number of employees

There is also data about how many people worked in 2021: 750 people used to work at Tinder in that year.

Source: Linkedin

What are the most right-swiped professions on Tinder?

The most right-swipe professions are Pilot for Men and Physical Therapist for Women.

Source: Tinder Press

How many swipes can a user have per day?

A Tinder user can swipe left on an unlimited number each day. However, there is a limit to how many times a user can swipe right. There is no exact and fixed number of how many times a user can swipe right.

It can be lower or higher than 25 per day. The number of swipe-right is determined through various algorithms.

Source: Metro

How many swipes does it take to find someone you match on Tinder (Female)?

Female Tinder users often swipe left 95% of the time and also receive a swipe-left of 3.2% of the time.

Female users have a 1.8% chance of finding someone they like & match on Tinder.

Source: Duo Data

How many swipes does it take to find someone you match on Tinder (Male)?

Male Tinder users swipe left 47% of the time and also receive a swipe left 52% of the time.

Male users have a 1% chance of finding someone they like & match on Tinder.

Source: Duo Data

How much time do people spend on Tinder?

Tinder users spend an average amount of 9 minutes and 35 seconds each day. This is estimated based on the number of traffic on Tinder.

Infographic about Tinder users average spending time

Source: Similarweb

How many Tinder dates are there per week?

There are 1.5 million Tinder dates per week.

Tinder brings a lot of people together that get to hang out after swiping each other within the app.

Infographic about number of tinder dates per week

Source: Tinder Press Room

How many total matches were made on Tinder?

As of December 2022, there are a total of 75+ billion matches on Tinder.

Infographic about  number of Tinder's matches

Source: Google Play

How many paying subscribers does Tinder have (Yearly)?

In 2020, there were 6.60 million recorded to pay for Tinder’s subscription.

Graph about number of Tinder's paying subscribers

As Tinder’s revenue grows, it’s most certain that the number of paying users grows at the same time.

How many paying subscribers does Tinder have (Quarterly)?

Tinder has 6.60 million paying subscribers in the third quarter (Q3) of 2020.

Sources: Tinder, Statista

How many times was Tinder downloaded (Total)?

Tinder has been downloaded a total of 530 million times since its launch in 2012.Source: Tinder Press Room

Global Downloads of Top Dating Apps by Year

Here is a list of the most downloaded dating apps by year, with Tinder at the top of the list (over 70 million downloads in 2019-2021).

Source: Sensor Tower

How many GIFs are used on Tinder per week?

There are 4.2 million GIFs used per week on Tinder.

Source: Tinder Press Room

Where is Tinder available (in which countries)?

Tinder is available in 190 countries in 56 languages.

Source: Tinder

In which countries is Tinder unavailable?

While Tinder is available in almost all countries. Tinder is currently not available in China as of 2022. Users have to connect to VPN via Hong Kong IP addresses in order to use the app.

Source: SwitchVPN

Tinder Mobile App Statistics: Android vs iOS

These are the key stats and key info on Tinder mobile app on Android as of December 2022:

These are the key stats and key info on Tinder mobile app on iOS as of December 2022:

Source: Crunchbase, GooglePlay, TechCrunch, AppleStore

Tinder Traffic Summary Overview

Source: HypeStat

Tinder Website Traffic Sources

Tinder gets most of its traffix directly, with almost 90% of the total traffic being direct.

Infographic about Tinder Website traffic sources

Source: HypeStat

Tinder Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

  • 5.36% of the users visit Tinder through desktop devices
  • 94.64% of the users visit Tinder through mobile devices
Graph about Tinder traffic source desktop vs mobile

Source: HypeStat

How much money does Tinder lose due to Adblock?

Tinder lose $2 million in ad revenue due to AdBlock. The table below shows us a more detailed look. (These data are estimations based on web traffic)

Source: HypeStat

How many page views are blocked on Tinder?

In a day, there are 3.5 million page views that are blocked on Tinder. The table below shows us more detailed information. (These data are estimations based on the web traffic)

Source: HypeStat

What are the top countries using Tinder?

The top country that is using Tinder is the U.S.A. followed by Brazil. These numbers are estimations based on web traffic.

Infographic about Tinder's top country users

Source: Similarweb

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