StockX Revenue and User Statistics (2024)

Key StockX user stats. Includes data on revenue, gross merchandise value, acquisitions, number of employees, how many users StockX has, and more.
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Overview About StockX

StockX is an e-commerce company with over $3.8 billion in revenue, as well as $690 milion total funding. Let’s check out the key details about StockX!

Source: SimilarWeb, SGB Online, Crunchbase

What are the interesting facts about StockX?

  • StockX was the first sneaker resale platform to reach unicorn status (a $1 billion valuation)
  • StockX is valued at $3.8 billion as of October 2022
  • A number of heavy-weight investors have invested in StockX including GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) and Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce.
  • With over 125,000 product listings on its platform from over 500 brands, StockX is one of the largest resale marketplaces for sneakers in the world.
  • In 2019 sneakers made up approximately 75% of the merchandise sold on StockX.
  • StockX has a young customer base with 70% of its users under the age of 35.
  • StockX expanded its presence offline by opening its first-ever physical store in New York City in 2019.
  • 25% of the items sold on StockX are sold for less than the retail price.
  • StockX makes its money through transaction fees. Sellers are charged a 10% transaction fee which decreases as the seller sells more merchandise.
  • The top two fastest-growing selling sneaker brands on StockX in 2022 are Salomon (2,277%) and Hoka (713%).
  • Hot Wheels (498%) are the highest-selling collectibles on StockX
  • Yeezy (1,063%) and The North Face (761%) remain the highest selling Apparel on StockX
  • Swatch (4,771%) and Dew (249%) made the most sales on Accessories on StockX
  • Finalmouse (1,090%) and Meta VR (474%) made the most sales on Electronics on StockX

Source: StockX, Indigo, QZ, CNBC, Business Insider, StockX 2, StockX 3

How much is StockX Worth? (Valuation)

StockX is valued at $3.8 billion as of 2021.

Graph about StockX Valuation

Source: Forbes, Fashion United, StockX

StockX Revenue

  • StockX’s estimated annual average revenue is currently $528.7M per year.
  • StockX’s estimated revenue per employee is $358,930
Graph about StockX Revenue

Source: Growjo

What is StockX Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)?

StockX’s GMV was $3.8 billion in 2021. With each new year, StockX sells more items, and the number is always expected to grow.

Graph about StockX GMV

Source: FDRA, Statista, StockX

How many lifetime users does StockX have? (Buyers and Sellers)

Graph about number of StockX lifetime users

Source: StockX, StockX 2, Stockx 3

How many transactions go through StockX?

Graph about StockX number of transactions

Source: Fashion United, StockX 1, StockX 2, Stockx 3

What is StockX’s Sneakers Market Share?

According to the report, StockX controls approximately 19% of the global Sneakers Market as of 2020.

Graph about StockX sneakers market share

Source: Second Measure

How much funding has StockX raised?

StockX has received $690 million in funding over ten rounds. Their most recent funding came from a Secondary Market round on April 8, 2021.

Graph about StockX fundraising

Source: Crunchbase

StockX Investors

StockX is funded by 27 individual investors. The most recent investors are Dragoneer Investment Group and Dragoneer Investment Group.

Source: Crunchbase

StockX Acquisitions

StockX acquired Scout on Nov 17, 2021, but the Terms of the deal were not disclosed to the public.

Source: Crunchbase

How many people work at StockX?

StockX employs over 1,700 people across their offices and authentication centers.

Graph about StockX number of employees

Looking at the past, we can observe how StockX’s number of employees grew with each new year. In 2017, they’ve had only 600 employees.

Source: Growjo

How many users does StockX have?

StockX Users Gender Distribution

39.32% of visitors to are female, while 60.68% are men.

Graph about StockX users gender distribution

Source: Similar Web

StockX Users Age Distribution

The majority of visitors that visit are young adults (aged between 18 to 24).

Graph about StockX Users Age Distribution

After the 18-24 group, the second most popular age group of StockX users is the 25-34 group.

It’s expected that StockX’s 18-24 user age group is so big because of the sneaker resellers that the young audience interested in popular sneakers.

Source: Similar Web

What are StockX buyers interested in?

Fashion and apparel is the largest interest category on of StockX, with 50% of the buyers. Sneakers are the most popular, followed by clothes.

You can also find consoles and gaming accessories on StockX, since this category covers 30% of buyer interest.

Graph about StockX buyers percentage of interest

Source: Similar Web

Where do most StockX website visitors come from? (Buyers and Sellers)

StockX’s website visitors for both buyer and sellers are most from the US, with 46.83% of the website traffic. Then, almost 5% of the visitors are from Canada.

Graph about StockX percentage of Buyers
Graph about StockX percentage of Sellers

Source: Similar Web

StockX Web Visitors’ Analysis in 2022

StockX has an average of 16.2 million website visits per month in the US, with other countries ranging at 1.84 million.

If we sum the numbers, we get a total of 34.6 million monthly web visits, on average.

Source: Similar Web, Glassdoor

In which countries is StockX available?

StockX is available in over 200+ countries.

Source: StockX

What devices do most users use to access StockX by country?


How many downloads does the StockX app get in a year?

source: Play Google, App Sensor Tower

How many authentication centers does StockX have?

StockX currently owns 13 Authentications Centers around the world. These centers include offices in London, the United Kingdom, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, Moonachie, New Jersey, and Tempe, Arizona.

Source: StockX 1, StockX 2

StockX authentication Analysis

As of 2022, StockX had authenticated and verified over 35 million items across its authentication centers around the world.

StockX is well-known for its standardized process of authenticating products before making them available for purchase in its store.

In 2022, StockX verified over one million items per month, rejecting over $100 million in products that failed its standardized verification process.

Source: StockX, StockX 2, StockX 3

How much does StockX take from the seller? (U.S.A)

StockX’s earning per item is based on the seller’s StockX account level. There are 5 possible levels, and with higher levels, the transaction fee decreases.

The table below shows you StockX’s transaction fee per level:

Source: StockX

How much does StockX take from the seller? (All Countries)

Source: StockX

How does StockX advertise?

StockX’s largest advertising channel is through Search, with 42.81% of the total advertising.

This includes SEO and other ways of finding StockX through search engines.

Graph about StockX advertisement channels

Source: Similar Web

How does StockX advertise on Social Networks?

StockX is promoted mainly via YouTube, with 49.45% of the total promotions on all social media platforms. Then, there’s Reddit with 15.66% of the advertising.

Graph about StockX social network traffic sources

Source: StockX

What kind of store is StockX?

StockX is an online store that sells mostly sneakers and other goods. Since November 2020, it has also been open to electronic goods like gaming consoles, smartphones, and computer hardware.

Source: StockX

How does StockX make money?

StockX makes money by taking a share of every successful transaction the company facilitates.

Source: Entrepreneur 360

Who are StockX customers?

StockX has evolved into a worldwide marketplace for products ranging from streetwear and watches to electronics. The site is aimed at a young audience, Generation Z, with an interest in culture and fashion.

Source: Candid Platform

What are the most traded items on StockX? (Sneakers)

Source: StockX, StockX 2, Next, Sole Collector, Grailify

Who founded StockX?

Daniel Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz and Chris Kaufman co-founded StockX.

What is Daniel Gilbert’s Net Worth?

  • He also co-founded the online sneaker sale platform StockX, which became a unicorn in 2019 and was most recently valued by investors at $3.8 billion.
  • Dan Gilbert cofounded what would become Quicken Loans, the largest mortgage lender in the U.S., in 1985 at 22 years old.
  • Quicken, which originated $320 billion in mortgages in 2020, went public as Rocket Companies in August 2020 at a $36 billion valuation.
  • He also owns the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • He and his companies have invested $5.6 billion to purchase and rehab a swath of buildings in downtown Detroit, with a plan to create 24,000 jobs.

Daniel Gilbert’s Net Worth across the years

Source: Forbes

What is Josh Luber’s net worth?

Josh Luber is a well-known entrepreneur from the United States of America. He enjoys collecting sneakers. He founded StockX as a result of his love of sneakers. he cofounded StockX with Dan Gilbert, Greg Schwartz and Chris Kaufman. His Net worth is estimated at USD5 million.

Source: Biography Gist

Who are the Key people at StockX?

  • Damien Hooper-Campbell – CHIEF IMPACT OFFICER
  • Laura Lewis – GENERAL COUNSEL

Source: StockX

Who are StockX’s Competitors?

Top StockX competitors are:

  • Grailed
  • KYX World
  • SODA
  • Rally
  • GOAT
  • Poizon
  • Secured
  • Stadium Goods

Source: CB Insights

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