Top SignRequest Alternatives In 2024

Top alternatives for SignRequest eSignatures and PDF editing: SignHouse, Adobe Sign, signNow, DocuSign, SignWell, PandaDoc.
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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A SignRequest alternative should be affordable, quick, and legally binding. If you want to replace SignRequest, you want only the best eSignature software.

Moreover, this alternative has to be cheaper than SignRequest.

We’ve curated a list of the 6 best SignRequest alternatives for electronic signatures and PDF editing. While others have lists of +10 SignRequest alternatives, we kept our list short since we believe this is the ultimate list of alternatives.

Our goal is to help you actually find a new electronic signature solution to replace SignRequest with, and we believe this list will help you decide.

Why look for a SignRequest alternative?

You may be looking for a SignRequest alternative because you want a performant, more affordable software. And then, you’re not alone in this boat!

There are many people out there signing documents for all industries that look for new eSignature apps. We listened to them and concluded 3 of the most common reasons to switch SignRequest for another software.

There’s no free plan

RightSignature doesn’t offer a free plan, which means that you have to pay monthly or yearly fees if you want to use their software.

Not everybody needs all of the features you get on the paid plan. Some want a free eSignature software, and RightSignature doesn’t have one.

Solution: Join SignHouse and enjoy the free-forever plan.

Pay for digital certificates

If you want to sign a PDF with a digital certificate, you have to pay at least $15 per user/month over at SignRequest.

Almost every other eSignature provider works with legally binding signatures and they don’t ask you to pay more just to validate your signature.

Solution: Get SignHouse and create your legally binding signature for free.

No contract templates

SignRequest helps you just to add your eSignature on a document, but not to build it as well. They don’t have any contract templates to start with.

This can be frustrating if you want to automatize the signing process or if you have to work with contracts that you didn’t work with before.

Solution: Access SignHouse’s library of contract templates (they’re all free).

Which SignRequest alternatives are free?

There are a couple of free SignRequest alternatives: SignHouse, SignWell, and PandaDoc — they all offer free plans to stick forever with.

We’ll check them out into detail later in this lest. Let’s go!

List: Top 6 SignRequest alternatives

Replace SignRequest with these beneficial eSignature tools: SignHouse, Adobe Sign, signNow, DocuSign, SignWell, PandaDoc.

Let’s check out 6 apps in the eSignature industry to replace SignRequest with.

1. SignHouse

DocuSign alternative: SignHouse
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $499 per every 5 users (lifetime, no monthly fees)
  • Key features: eSignature maker, document builder and editor, contracts
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.8/5

While our opinion can sound biased, we strongly believe that SignHouse is the #1 alternative to SignRequest when considering every detail.

SignHouse has more electronic signature features, as well as PDF editing tools that help you get the most out of every document.

Our eSignature software gives you more team collaboration tools, as well as 100% legally binding signatures without having to pay extras.

Why go to SignHouse?

Pricing is one of the most important factors when choosing an eSignature provider, and SignHouse’s pricing is simply more advantageous that SignRequest’s.

At SignRequest, you’d have to pay anywhere from $9 to $25 per user/month if you want to access their eSignature software.

SignHouse has a better approach with lifetime pricing. By paying $499 only once, you get all of SignHouse’s features for 5 users.

Unlimited eSignatures and PDF tools forever. Without paying monthly fees or any extras that cut your budget.

Read Further: See why we believe that people are tired of subscriptions if you’re curious to understand why we chose the lifetime pricing Model.

2. Adobe Sign

SignRequest Alternative - Adobe Sign
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $13 to +$24 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature tools, PDF tools, integrations, branding
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4/5

Adobe Sign is an older, trustworthy eSignature software by users from all over the world. If credibility matters, you’re good with Adobe Sign.

But, Adobe Sign goes beyond that — they have a powerful PDF editor, not only an electronic signature tool. That’s something you don’t get at SignRequest.

A disadvantage for both apps is that they don’t have free plans. In comparison, SignHouse has a generous free plan that allows you to use eSignatures for free.

Then, both Adobe Sign and SignHouse have very similar PDF editing tools, so if you want a free SignRequest alternative, you would be better off with SignHouse.

3. signNow

SignRequest alternative: signNow
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $8 to $50 per user/mo
  • Key features: multi-user signing, minimal PDF editing, reusable templates
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (has mobile apps)
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5

Looking for a simple, personal-use electronic signature tool? Maybe for a team?

signNow is a quite an affordable electronic signature tool designed for personal-use, as their pricing plans start at $8 per user/month.

Besides, signNow is also a great SignRequest alternative for those that work in a larger teams across different industries, since their tool is versatile.

A downside of both signNow and SignRequest is that they don’t have PDF editing tools. With a software like SignHouse, you’ll get an all-in-one PDF editor and signer.

If you don’t care much about document building and editing, then signNow might be one of the best alternatives to SignRequest for your use case.

4. Docusign

SignRequest Alternative - DocuSign
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $10 to $65 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature maker, unlimited signatures, team collaboration
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.2/5

DocuSign is one of the priciest SignRequest alternatives on this list, but it is also one of the oldest players in the game.

So, once again, know that you’re signing up for a very trusted software. The app is used by companies like Uber, as mentioned in our detailed DocuSign review.

Neither DocuSign or SignRequest have free plans or a variety of document building and editing features.

Between SignHouse, signNow and DocuSign, you’ve got a variety of apps to replace SignRequest with. It depends on what you need most:

  • SignHouse: Best value for long-term document building and signing;
  • signNow: Cheap personal-use software;
  • DocuSign: Trusted tool with most features at the moment.

DocuSign might be pricier, but it is a great option for those that care a lot about  integrations and other tools that a smaller app like SignRequest doesn’t offer.

5. SignWell

SignRequest alternative - SignWell
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $13 to +$24 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature tools, integrations, branding
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4/5

SignWell is an electronic signature software with price plans similar to SignRequest. You can swap to SignWell if you need a tool for personal use instead of business.

Though, just like SignRequest, SignWell doesn’t either have many document building features. You’d only get the app if you want to electronically sign.

6. PandaDoc

SignRequest alternative - PandaDoc
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $29 to $59 per user/mo
  • Key features: form creation, payment collection, unlimited templates
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (has mobile apps)
  • Ease of use: 4.7/5

PandaDoc is yet another one of the most expensive SignRequest alternatives on this list. Though, it is an app that lets you take documents to the next level.

For instance, one of the best features of PandaDoc is that you can start documents from scratch in their doc builder. No need to start docs in Word anymore!

In our fully-detailed PandaDoc review, we wrote how PanadaDoc also allows you to collect payments, which is something you can’t do with SignRequest.

You’ll also see how PandaDoc is designed for teams of all sizes, working in all types of industries. SignRequest doesn’t have special use cases.

Pro Tip: When comparing SignHouse to PandaDoc and DocuSign, you’ll see how PandaDoc is the most expensive alternative.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you need most, as well as which app you find the most comfortable for your needs.

Which SignRequest alternative is right for me?

It all comes down to what you need most between PDF editing and signing, as some apps offer just one feature, and others offer both. SignHouse is an all-in-one PDF signer and editor, and it performs better than SignRequest for less the money.

Here is a list of the 6 best alternatives to SignRequest:

  1. SignHouse;
  2. Adobe Sign;
  3. signNow;
  4. DocuSign;
  5. SignWell;
  6. PandaDoc.

There are lots of tools to choose from. The document management industry has many platforms that fulfil all kinds of needs.

In the end, you have to choose whichever checks your boxes: pricing, eSignature features, document building opportunities, or anything else you may need.

Thank you for reading our guide on the 7 best SignRequest alternatives!

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