‍signNow Review and Alternative: A Comprehensive Comparison (2024)

While SignHouse is the new kid on the block in the eSigning world, many people are already using their software, and they've received several positive reviews.
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Is signNow the eSignature solution you’re looking for? Let’s find out.

Many eSigning software companies claim their solution is best for eSigning and document management. And choosing from what seems like a gazillion eSigning platforms can make for a confusing and frustrating time.

eSigning companies signNow and SignHouse deliver document management and electronic signature functionality.

But which one has the edge? Is it signNow, with its extensive product range and affordable pricing, or SignHouse, with its premium mobile-first design and free plan? Well, you’re about to find out in this roundup.

SignHouse has dived in and pulled out the necessary details for this comprehensive comparison, so you can make the best choice for your business.

signNow Review vs SignHouse: Key Differences

Ease of Use

signNow has a clean user interface, with the menu options visible without a cluttered look. The layout makes it easy for newbies to get started with the basics like eSigning and uploading documents, with no training or onboarding required. The primary and extra functionality is easily accessible with little effort.

SignHouse offers a minimalist and familiar interface with self-explanatory menu options and straightforward navigation.

Goals are intended to be achieved quicker with fewer steps. And its mobile-first design delivers the same excellent user experience even when you’re on the go.


signNow provides over 270 app integrations, including Microsoft and Google products such as Teams, 365, Google Drive, and Google Workspace.

They integrate with Salesforce for pre-filled contracts and status tracking, and with AWS for productivity and collaboration. Their cloud storage options include Box and Dropbox.

SignHouse’s growing business app integrations include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can send documents for signing to multiple recipients concurrently.

Furthermore, their free, extensive resource library offers guidance on how to send signatures using their integrations.


signNow offers four plans and charges per user per month. They don’t have a free plan anymore, but you’ll get up to 60% off if you pay yearly.

SignHouse has three simple plans. A freebie, monthly, and lifetime plan. They currently offer 70% off their monthly plan, and by making a one-off payment for their lifetime plan, you’ll save 90%.

What Is signNow?

signNow is an eSigning software company founded in 2011 and then brought by cloud security company Barracuda Networks in 2013. It was sold again to pdfFiller in 2017 and is now part of the airSlate Business Cloud suite.

signNow is a cloud-based unified eSigning solution that “keeps up with the speed of your business.” It provides the features needed by SMBs and enterprises.

Their standout offerings include customizable templates, document tracking, agreement generation, contract negotiation, accepting payments, and legally binding eSignatures.

signNow is lightweight, affordable, and easy to use. The service is accessible through desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

Plus, it can be configured as an API integration and on-premises solution.

Key Features

Standard eSignature Tools

signNow features

signNow’s eSignature product is designed to help streamline and speed up your document approvals.

Some of their standard eSignature features include sending documents in bulk and resending signing invites, where you can customize your signing and template invites to match your brand.

You can be specific in requesting the type of signature required, such as a hand-drawn signature. In addition, you can set up reminders, and be instantly notified whenever a recipient declines to sign.

Security and Authentication

signNow authentication

signNow boasts a solid security setup and uses sophisticated encryption and authentication to protect your documents and help you stay compliant.

They offer phone call authentication, unique document IDs, and password protected and dual-factor authenticated documents.

In addition, they use the highest level of security to protect your signature collection.

Team Collaboration

signNow team collaboration

Their team collaboration feature supports efficient team working. You can create teams and appoint a team administrator to share templates, manage and track documents, and control all the documents cycled through an organization.

signNow provides an admin panel to manage the members of your organization, and constantly updated statistics on your organization and its member’s activities.


signNow pricing

signNow has four pricing plans, with their Business Premium plan being the most popular. This plan accommodates “medium-sized teams and branded eSignature workflows.”

Their Business Cloud plan offers access to tools owned by their parent company airSlate Business Cloud.

signNow doesn’t offer a free plan, but you can try it out their 7-day free trial.

signNow Pros and Cons


  • 270+ business app integrations
  • Affordable pricing
  • eSigning decline notification
  • Documents can be customized using drag and drop
  • Cutting-edge security


  • Limited document editing features
  • No free plan
  • Customer support could be better
  • Their extensive product range could be overwhelming for newbies

Signnow Review Alternative: SignHouse

SignHouse is an eSignature software company focused on simplicity and is a solid alternative to signNow. Their offerings make the contract and document management processes easy and pleasurable, where goals can be achieved in as few clicks as possible.

SignHouse delivers core eSigning functionality for 100% legally binding eSignatures developed around U.S. and International Law.

SignHouse stands out as an extensive contract and document management free resource hub With tips and tricks, how-to guides, and plenty of material on everyday document management tasks.

Its well on its way to becoming a prominent central document hub for individuals and businesses.

Key Features

Sign Documents Online

Simplified and precise eSigning is one of SignHouse’s main selling points. You can simply drag-and-drop a document, sign it yourself and then send it for signatures, all in a couple of clicks. 

In addition, it offers all the different field signing types, including initials signatures, date fields, and checkboxes.


Their soon-to-be-released Analytics feature will assist you in keeping track of documents. They also provide a dashboard to monitor the real-time progress of your documents and receive status updates.

This helps you to keep on top of sending signature reminders should you need to chase up signees, which can also be done through SignHouse.

Contract Templates and Resources

SignHouse’s extensive template library allows you to speed up other document management activities, not just eSigning.

Their interactive and free contract templates cover most legal contracts and have been thoroughly vetted by legal experts.

Their eSign features and PDF editing tools coach you through how to edit and manipulate your PDFs for free with easy step-by-step instructions.

You can learn how to do virtually anything  PDF related, from repairing a corrupted PDF file to finding out how to convert anything and from to PDF.

Plus, you can add signatures to virtually any type of agreement.


SignHouse’s mobile-first design delivers a seamless user experience from any device that is quick and responsive.

It means all parties involved can eSign and perform other documentation tasks as easily as they would from their desktop.

This helps reduce hold-ups since the contract and document life cycles can continue progressing while users are on the go.

eSignature features at SignHouse
SignHouse Features


SignHouse comes with a free plan, which provides basic features for one person. These features include eSigning for ten documents and unlimited recipients. 

Their paid plans are based on the number of users in a workspace, and their lifetime plan has no monthly payments for a limited number of users.

If quick enough, you’ll catch the generous price reduction on their lifetime plan.

SignHouse Pros and Cons


  • Free and lifetime plans
  • Analytic tool to track document status
  • Extensive free legally-binding templates
  • Huge discounts on paid plans
  • Supports multiple document formats
  • Anytime cancellation on a monthly plan
  • Solid interface and mobile-first design make it easy to use on the move


  • Limited price plan options
  • Limited business app integrations
  • Relatively new software

SignNow vs SignHouse: Feature Comparison

The Verdict is In

eSigning software companies signNow and SignHouse both deliver services to help make the document management life cycle more accessible and efficient.

Both offer solid eSigning, business app integrations, and templates. They’re easy to use and accessible securely from mobile devices.

signNow is established with over 270+ business app integrations and four relatively affordable plans. Their extensive product range means almost anything within the eSigning and document management realm is achievable.

However, if you need to take advantage of their complete product range, signNow would probably be easier to use from your desktop. 

On the other hand, SignHouse delivers no-fuss eSigning functionality. Their mobile-first and fewer-clicks interface design gives them the edge in making it easier to move documents through their life cycle.

It accommodates users who still need to get things done while away from their desks and without delays or mistakes.

While SignHouse is the new kid on the block in the eSigning world, many people are already using their software, and they’ve received several positive reviews.

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