Top 7 signNow Alternatives For eSignatures (2024)

Here's what else you can use instead of signNow for electronic signatures and document editing in 2024. List of the 7 best free and paid apps!
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Looking for a signNow alternative? In this guide, we’re going to show you 7 reliable signNow competitors/alternatives for electronic signatures.

Some of the platforms we’ll show you go beyond eSignatures, as they also include powerful PDPF editors aside from the eSignatures.

We know that your time is valuable, so let’s go to the point: here is a list of the best 7 signNow alternatives for eSignatures and document management.

Why hunt for a signNow alternative?

These are the best reasons why realtors and people working in many different industries check out alternatives to signNow.

Can’t use it for free

signNow doesn’t have a free plan. If you don’t want all of the features that you need to pay for, signNow isn’t the best eSignature software for your needs.

If you just want an app that helps you create an online signature and add it to documents, there are many apps that help you do it for free.

Solution: Join SignHouse and use the free-forever plan. No need to pay!

Missing analytics

If you want to check analytics for a document sent for signing, signNow won’t be of help. This means that you can’t see when a document was received by recipients, opened, filled and signed, and then sent back to you.

Solution: Get SignHouse and check the analytics tab for any information.

No document editor

signNow is just na electronic signature software — that’s it. No PDF building or editing, which means you can’t customize documents.

With an app like SignHouse or Adobe Sign, you can convert PDFs, compress them, and generally change their aspect with many PDF tools.

Solution: Use SignHouse to get the most out of your Word/PDF/Image documents.

Which signNow alternatives are free?

  • SignHouse
  • SignWell
  • Dropbox Sign (HelloSign)
  • GetAccept

There are many apps you can use instead of signNow for electronic signatures. The ones from above offer generous free plans that help you get work done faster.

We’ll check them out later in this guide and have a detailed look at each app.

Now, let’s go and see list!

Top signNow alternatives

Switch from signNow to these reliable eSignature tools: SignHouse, RightSignature, SignWell, HelloSign, DocuSign, Signeasy, GetAccept.

There are many platforms in the eSignature industry. Let’s go ahead and check out the ups and downs of the 7 alternatives we curated for you.

1. SignHouse

DocuSign alternative: SignHouse
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $499 per every 5 users (lifetime, no monthly fees)
  • Key features: eSignature maker, document builder and editor, contracts
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.8/5

We’re trying not to sound biased, but we believe that signNow’s best alternative is SignHouse because it fits everybody’s needs.

Use SignHouse for electronic signatures both whether you’re an individual looking for a personal-use eSignature tool or if you’re looking for business usage.

At SignHouse, we’ve designed the eSignature teams of all sizes working in every major industry, ranging from real estate to finance and human resources.

Putting signNow vs SignHouse in a comparison, we found out that signNow is a cheaper for short-term usage, while SignHouse is a long-term investment.

Besides, there’s so much more! signNow can only electronically sign documents, while SignHouse is an all-in-one PDF editor and signer.

Why go with SignHouse?

Because of the pricing plans. See, with signNow you’d have to pay between $8 to $50 per month for every user, while SignHouse has a different approach.

SignHouse’s lifetime pricing allows you to access every feature forever in just one payment. For every $499, 5 of your users can have SignHouse absolutely forever.

That’s it, no more subscriptions! We believe that people are tired of them and that buying SignHouse is an investment in your online workspace.

2. RightSignature

  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $12 to $20 per user/mo
  • Key features: Custom branding, variety of integrations, collaboration
  • Accessibility: Online, on most devices
  • Ease of use: 4.2/5

RightSignature is quite an affordable alternative to signNow. Out of all the alternatives on this list, RightSignature is one of the cheapest eSignature tools.

If you want an electronic signature software that has more team collaboration features, you might want to look at RightSignature.

While RightSignature itself has fewer collaboration features than other apps on this list, it still has more than signNow. Hence, this makes it a good signNow alternative.

Downside for both apps: Neither signNow or RightSignature offer free plans. You’d be better off with PandaDoc or SignHouse if you want to stick with a free plan.

3. SignWell

signNow alternative - SignWell
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $8 to $30 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature tools, PDF tools, integrations, branding
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4/5

SignWell is a good alternative to signNow if you want a cheaper alternative. Both of the apps’ pricing plans start at $8 per user/month, but SignWell is cheaper.

Both SignWell and signNow are “budget” apps as some eSignature community members would like to call them.

Hence, SignWell is yet another eSignature software that gets the job done just fine if you’re looking to use it for personal use rather than for a business.

Note: If team collaboration features are what you’re looking for, SignWell might not be the option for you because they lack lots of features that other apps have.

SignWell is the go-to eSignature platform for those that want lots of contract templates and features such as email reminders.

Pro Tip: Read our full signNow review to see how the app’s features compare to other platforms such as SignWell.

4. HelloSign (Dropbox Sign)

signNow alternative - HelloSign
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $15 to $30 per user/mo
  • Key features: Unlimited eSignatures, free plan, multi-user signing
  • Accessibility: Online, mobile and desktop
  • Ease of use: 4.7/5

The first upside of HelloSign is that it offers a free plan. On the other hand, signNow doesn’t offer any free plan that you cab stay on forever.

Working a lot on mobile devices? Know that HelloSign (Dropbox Sign) offers a mobile app which makes it easier for phone/tablet users to sign documents.

You’ll also see HelloSign integrating with lots of apps.

As they’re owned by Dropbox, HelloSign obviously integrates with Dropbox, but the list goes beyond: HubSpot, Salesforce, OneDrive, Google Workspace etc.

Read further: signNow vs DocuSign vs SignHouse. For a semi-detailed DocuSign review, look at the next item on the list.

5. DocuSign

signNow alternative - DocuSign
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $10 to $65 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature maker, unlimited signatures, team collaboration
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.2/5

DocuSign is one of the oldest players in the electronic signature industry, and their software can get quite pricy, ranging from $10 to $65 per user per month.

DocuSign is one of the most trusted eSignature tools, as it is trusted by apps like Apple, Uber, Salesforce and other big names, while signNow is a smaller tool.

As mentioned in our DocuSign review, you can use DocuSign’s many integrations to automate your workflow and onnect many apps you’re already using: Google Drive, OneDrive, Salesforce, Zapier, Oracle etc.

A downside of DocuSign’s is the customer support situation. You’d have to pay DocuSign to be there for you, while signNow offers free 24/7 support.

Also check out: DocuSign vs signNow vs SignHouse. Have a look at how these three eSignature platforms compare according to your needs.

6. Signeasy

Adobe Sign alternative - Signeasy
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $15 to $80 per user/mo
  • Key features: Team collaboration, mobile app, email reminders
  • Accessibility: Online, mobile and desktop (offers mobile app)
  • Ease of use: 4/5

A major upside for Signeasy over signNow is that it offers team collaboration tools, while signNow is a tool designed for personal use rather than for teams.

Signeasy has solutions for teams of all sizes working in many different industries, just like SignHouse and Adobe Sign or other popular eSignature platforms.

If you’re looking for a document builder as well, then you might want to look further than both signNow and Signeasy, as they’re only focused on eSignatures.

Powerful apps that allow you to build documents and then electronically sign them include names such as SignHouse and DocHub.

7. GetAccept

signNow alternative - GetAccept
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $15 to $49 per user/mo
  • Key features: CRM integrations, document analytics, payment collection
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (has mobile apps)
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5

While GetAccept is a pricier, you can improve your signees’ experience with your service by adding video recordings to reach outs and use custom branding.

Though, if you need many collaboration features, know that GetAccept requires you to pay at least $49 per user/month.

But then, remember that signNow doesn’t provide many collaboration features for any of their plans.

Pro Tip: If team collaboration features are important for you, then you should have a look at PandaDoc, SignHouse, or DocuSign.

Which signNow alternative is right for me?

To figure out which signNow alternative is right for you, you need to first decide whether you need just an eSignature software or an all-in-one PDF editor and signer.

If you’re already a signNow user, you should consider switching to any of these:

  1. SignHouse;
  2. RightSignature;
  3. SignWell;
  4. HelloSign;
  5. DocuSign;
  6. Signeasy;
  7. GetAccept.

We get it, switching from signNow may be pretty hard — especially if you’ve used it for a while now and you’re used to how things work there.

But, if you want better value for your electronic signature tools, then you might have to look at any of these 7 signNow alternatives.

Thanks for reading this post!

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