Signature Requests, Explained (2024)

A signature request is the process of setting up a document, sending it to other parties so they can sign it, and receiving the signed document. The action is finished once the sender gets the signed document back.
Last updated on:
April 29, 2024
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In this guide, we’re explaining:

  • What’s meant by a signature request
  • How to politely ask for someone’s signature

They’re really not that complicated, especially with electronic signatures.

What does ‘Signature Request’ mean?

A signature request means asking someone to add their signature on a document to confirm agreement, approval, or acknowledgment of its contents.

In simpler words, ‘signature request’ refers to the entire process of sending a document for signing and collecting it once signed by all participants.

The Basics

  1. Primary Use of Signature Requests: Mostly used online with virtual documents and concluded with online signatures.
  2. Physical Requests: Can also occur with physical documents.
  3. Single Requests: Sending multiple documents to signers through a single request (via email or other channels) is counted as one request.

With this out of the way, let’s move on to…

How to Request a Signature in a PDF

To request a signature in PDF, upload the document to SignHouse and first sign it yourself. Add fields for the signees and send them the file.

Request somebody to add a signature in PDF in 6 easy steps:

  1. Upload your document in the editor below.
  2. Fill & Sign the file yourself.
  3. Click Review and Finish;
  4. Enter the signee’s details: name, email, signature.
  5. Optional: Add a message to the signature request;
  6. Click Send this document.

You’ll get notified when they sign and send the document back.

How to request an eSignature
  • Pre-Send Recap: Before sending the document, you’ll get a quick recap of the actions taken.
  • Signature Guidance: When requesting signatures, signees will be shown exactly where to fill and sign the PDF.
  • No Cost to Signees: Signees won’t be asked to pay anything to sign the document.

You can monitor the progress of the document through the analytics tab. It’s best to always check for new updates on the document’s progress.

List: Politely Ask For a Signature

“How to politely ask for a signature?” → When asking for a signature, it’s good to be polite and clear for a couple of reasons.

  1. Explain the Document: Briefly describe what the document is and why their signature is needed. This shows respect for their need to know what they are signing.
  2. Request the Signature Politely: Use polite language such as “Could you please sign this at your earliest convenience?” or “I’d appreciate your signature on this document.”
  3. Offer Assistance: Ask if they have any questions about the document or if there’s anything you can clarify. This helps make the process smoother and shows that you care about their concerns.
  4. Thank Them: Regardless of whether they sign immediately or need more time, thank them for their attention to your request.

This way, you’ll keeps things clear, respectful, and efficient.


How do you ask someone to sign a document in an email?

Keep it simple when asking for somebody to sign a document in an email. Simply mention that you've attached a document to the message and that you wish them to sign it in useful time.

Why ask for a signature?

It is important to ask for a signature and get it in order to finish work faster. Signatures are important especially when you need somebody's approval to go further on a specific task.

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