GUIDE: How To Send Documents For Signing (2024)

Answer: Use online software like SignHouse. Upload your PDF document > Add your signature > Send it for signing to others.
Last updated on:
May 03, 2024
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You’re probably on this page because you:

  • Have a PDF document (or another format).
  • That you want to electronically sign;
  • And then send for signing to other people.

We’ll tech you how to request a signature for a PDF — it’s free!

How to Send a Document for Someone To Sign

  1. Open our PDF editor (see the box below).
  2. Upload the document.
  3. Sign it yourself.
  4. Click the Review and Finish button (top-right).
  5. Type in your signees’ details.
  6. Click the Send this document button.
How to send a PDF for signing via email

You first have to sign yourself, then send for signing.

It’s that easy!

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