Honest Review: PandaDoc vs DocuSign vs SignHouse

All right, let's settle it. The Panda? The big one? The House? We're not talking about medieval families, just eSignature options.
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July 05, 2023
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Thanks to everything moving online in the digital age, it’s now easier than ever to find digital document-signing software. If you’ve ever signed an online document, you’ve probably already heard of DocuSign and PandaDoc: both industry-leading examples that have set the standard. 

But for those who need more basic features in more cost-effective packaging, SignHouse might be the one for you.

This article will compare all three providers to help you decide which is best for you.

PandaDoc vs Docusign vs SignHouse: Differences

Cost and free plans

PandaDoc sits at the top of the pricing tree, being the most expensive of the three. But it does offer more extensive features, integrations and support based on the price tier. 

DocuSign is more affordable than PandaDoc and offers very similar features and a custom pricing plan for enterprise-level businesses, and the lowest-priced plan sits at $8 per month. 

For those looking for a more affordable solution, SignHouse is the better option.


Both DocuSign and PanPadoc support integrations with systems you’re currently using, including every major CRM and productivity suite. But some users report that the integrations actually slow down the functionality of the software. 

SignHouse is more simplistic, but has a lot of integral features built-in, like analytics, email reminders and the ability to upload documents a variety of documents from different cloud services and file formats: Dropbox, Google Docs, Word and PDF.

The simplicity of SignHouse keeps everything running at high-speed continuously, with less chance of bulky, bug-filled software.


DocuSign edges slightly ahead of PanDadoc this time, with a two-factor authentication process. Pandadoc, on the other hand, is very secure with a 256-bit encryption to keep your documents locked nice and tight. 

SignHouse’s security features are basic. But as it stores legal documents, you can rest assured your information and contracts are well protected. 

Product roadmap 

At SignHouse, users have the opportunity to use the product for free and provide their feedback to help shape the future of the service via the roadmap. This is a great chance to access a service that you have a hand in creating!

Both PanDadoc and DocuSign have clear audiences and the product is already complete, meaning that only overwhelming feedback can make a change.

If you’re looking for a provider that really listens to its audience and onboards the feedback, then SignHouse is for you!

Besides, SignHouse is an eSiganture solution for any industry. We’ve got all types of features that’ll fit you right!

What Is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc was created to make online signatures as quick and easy as possible. It’s designed to improve workflows, insights and speed to get your documents signed faster and simpler than ever.

PandaDocs’s Key Features

Electronic signatures

With PandaDoc, you can create and save legally-binding electronic signatures that are saved in your dashboard for future use.

You can draw or type your signature to get an electronic version made straight away.

Sample of a surviving agreement

Document management

PandaDoc also offers a document management system that allows you to store, share, and track your documents in one place. This can help keep track of important documents like contracts and agreements.


PandaDoc integrates with various popular business software platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM. This allows you to automate the document signing process and save time.


It begins with a free tier for the essentials and all priced plans have a 14-day free trial.

SignHouse's CTA

Pros and Cons


  • Offers electronic signatures that are legally binding in the United States
  • A document management system allows you to store, share, and track your documents in one place
  • Integrates with a variety of popular business software platforms


  • More expensive than DocuSign
  • A complicated user interface
  • Less security than Docusign

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is the more well-known of the three, dedicated to accelerating and simplifying business. With more than one million users worldwide, let’s take a look at what got them into the top ranks. 

Docusign Key Features

Docusign on desktop and mobile


Unlike both PandaDoc and SignHouse, Docusign does not have a standard template library, however, users can create their own documents and save them. 


Users can edit their documents electronically, making changes to contracts and agreements without disrupting document workflow. 

Document Storage

Businesses can store their documents online so they can keep, share and track their contracts in one place. 


Pricing begins at $8 for a personal plan with custom pricing available for larger businesses. However, there is a free trial available to learn the way of the land.

Pricing segment for SignHouse

Pros and Cons


  • Offers electronic signatures that are legally binding
  • The template management system allows you to create, manage, and reuse document templates
  • Workflow automation features will enable you to automate the document signing process


  • Fewer features than PandaDoc
  • It does not allow users to edit uploaded documents
  • Users can only upload a limited number of document types

What is SignHouse?

SignHouse offers a more cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to Pandadoc and Docusign.

Get access to and send unlimited documents for signing for free, with the support of SignHouse’s simple features. 

SignHouse Key Features

Add signature in PDF documents

Editing and signing PDFs is always really annoying, right?

Wrong! With SignHouse, it’s as easy as pie. Just create your online signature and drag it onto the document in the right place.

SignHouse feature for adding signature in PDF documents

Add online signature to documents

To add your signature to documents, all you have to do is create your online signature and drag and drop it into the right place. Super simple, right?

SignHouse feature for adding online signatures to documents

Add signature to Google Docs

Adding an online signature to a Google Docs file has never been easier. Simply choose the G-Docs file that you want to sign, and just add your signature anywhere within the document as many times as you need.

SignHouse feature for adding signature to Google Docs


SigHouse is free forever. Besides, we’re running a lifetime deal offer through which you can pay just once for the software and keep it forever.

SignHouse sign-up button

Pros and Cons


  • Completely free with unlimited access to features.
  • A clean user interface and analytics dashboard to keep things simple.
  • Supports uploads from many formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX etc.
  • Customizable templates that save to gallery for reuse.


  • Not a huge template selection compared to Pandadoc and Docusign, but this keeps things simpler and easier.
  • Relatively brand new, but users have the chance to build the product through feedback.
  • Less in-depth analytics to avoid analysis paralysis.

DocuSign vs SignHouse: Feature Comparison

PandaDoc vs SignHouse: Feature Comparison

4 Reasons To Choose SignHouse

More cost-effective

What could be better than a service you’ve helped craft? SignHouse is offering their entire service for free. They’ll be using customer feedback to help shape and develop the product into its final stages. 

Simple and clean user interface

At SignHouse, an easy user experience is a must. That’s why they’ve made sure the whole process is as simple as possible, from selecting a template, editing the contents and getting it signed. 

Template options

Whilst the number of template options can seem small compared to PandaDoc and DocuSign, it’s actually beneficial for users to have less choice, here. It stops you getting overwhelmed and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Stay updated and in the loop

Status updates appear in your at-a-glance dashboard, so users have a bird’s-eye-view of all documents. If something isn’t moving as fast as you’d like, you can send gentle nudges via email to remind your clients to sign. 

Your Sign to Try SignHouse

Whilst PanDadoc and DocuSign are both powerful eSignature industry leaders, it’s clear that SignHouse is the ideal choice for smaller businesses. 

SignHouse is a more simple, streamlined staple for those businesses looking to branch out into online document signing and gives its users a chance to pave the product roadmap with their feedback. 

Want to see for yourself? Try SignHouse today for free access to all of the amazing features and get your documents signed in record time.

Thank you for reading our review of PandaDoc, DocuSign, and SignHouse!

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