MasterClass Subscriber and Revenue Statistics (2024)

Key Masterclass user stats. Includes data on revenue, valuation, daily and monthly active users, how many people work at Masterclass, and more.
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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MasterClass Interesting Facts (Top Picks)

  • In May 2021, raised a Series F funding round (led by Fidelity) of $225 million
  • Within the first four months of launch, sold courses to more than 30,000 customers
  • The longest video is by Chris Hadfield with 29 videos and a run time of 7 hours and 47 minutes
  • The most watched lesson on is by Chris Voss, former FBI negotiator, sharing his thoughts on tactical empathy
  • The most popular classes in the pandemic were Chris Voss’s on the Art of Negotiation and Vogue’s Anna Wintour teaching a creativity and leadership course
  • A quarter of users say that taking MasterClass courses has changed their lives in their recent survey.
  • It has increased its workforce by more than 100% since 2019 (Privateequitywire)
  • MasterClass won 2 Webby awards in 2020, which according to the New York Times is the Internet’s highest honour (WebbyAwards)
  • started with just 3 instructors, including Dustin Hoffman and Serena Williams (PRNewswire)
  • There are now 100+ Classes across 9 categories (April 2021)
  • Most videos are between 3-4 hours long
  • Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker with 38 video lessons and a run time of 7 hours and 40 minutes comes in second, followed by Gary Kasparov teaches chess with 29 videos at 7 hours and 20 minutes
  • was started with $1.9m in funding led by Harrison Metals
  •’s total funding to May 2021 was $475m
  • There have been 7 rounds of funding – seed to Series F
  • In May 2021, raised a Series F funding round (led by Fidelity) of $225 million
  • This round of funding is said to have more than tripled the start-up’s valuation to $2.75 billion
  • During the pandemic, doubled its sales
  • It is rumoured that celebrity instructors are paid around $100,000 upfront and receive 30% of the revenue the classes generate
  • charges a $180 annual subscription fee for users to access its library of content
  • The subscription model was responsible for 80% of the company’s revenue in 2018 and is now responsible for 100% of its revenue
  • averages 9.88M visits to its website per month
  • The trend in early 2021 was that traffic was increasing by 7% per month
  • The US (47%), UK (6%) and Canada (6%) are driving the most traffic to the site
  • 60.8% of’s traffic is from search
  • has over 823K YouTube subscribers

Source: Learnopoly

MasterClass Overview (About)

MasterClass was founded in 2014 in the US as a private company. Its purpose is to provide online education, as the company’s name states.

Let’s have a look at an overview of the company.

MasterClass Revenue

After 2020, when it reached the new milestone of earning more than $100 million in revenue, the highest revenue generated by after COVID-19.

Graph about Masterclass revenue

MasterClass is one of the companies that has thanked the lockdown in 2020, as the year’s revenue was one step away from doubling the amount earned the year before.

In 2019, MasterClass had revenue of $44.5 million, jumping to $88.9 in 2020.

Source: Growjo

How much is MasterClass worth? (Valuation)

There have been two valuations of MasterClass, and believe us, they’re both insane.

Graph about Masterclass valuation

Looking at the last valuation, we can note down that MasterClass was mentioned to be worth $2.75 billion in 2021.

Source: CNBC, Variety, PitchBook,

MasterClass Funding Rounds has raised $461.4 million in investment over ten rounds. On July 22, 2021, they received their most recent funding from a Secondary Market round.

The first MasterClass funding was recorded in 2013, with 5 investors that managed to raise $1.9 million.

Fast-forward to 2021, we can see that 23 investors managed to raise $225 million for MasterClass. That only shows the huge progress the company made in time.

Source: Crunchbase

MasterClass Investors

44 investors have contributed to the funding of The newest investors are Vershina Capital and Empede Capital.

Just look at the numbers – there are 4 4investors in MasterClass and $461.4 million raised in +10 rounds.

This instantly proves that there is a large marketplace for online courses — and this is just one big player!

Source: Crunchbase

How do MasterClass make money? makes its money through subscribers paying a subscription fee in order to get unrestricted access to their courses. The All Access Pass package costs $180 a year, which works out to $15 per month.

Customers can also pay a one-time price of $90 for access to one class separately.

Infographic about Masterclass making money

Source: Productmint

How much do MasterClass Subscriptions cost? exclusively provides annual subscription plans, which are separated into three options:

  • Individual: $15 per month ($180 if paid yearly)
  • Duo: $20 monthly (or $240 if paid yearly).
  • Family: $23 per month ($276 per year)

The plans pretty much speak for themselves: there is a place only for you, another one for two people, and the one for more than two people.

Source: Upskillwise

What is MasterClass Daily Active Users (DAU)

The number of’s daily active users is 380,000 users.

As we speak, it’s likely that the number of daily active users increases. We’ll see about this in the near future, when we’ll update this post with even fresher data.

Source: Similar Web

What is MasterClass Monthly Active Users (MAU)

The number of’s monthly active users is 11,400,000 users.

Infographic about Masterclass number of users

Source: Similar Web

What classes are on MasterClass?

MasterClass works with world-class practitioners to share their unique mastery with the world. There are multiple categories to choose from as well!

From movies and music to business, politics and science, MasterClass has gathered the world’s leading masters to offer as many classes as possible.

You can find a MasterClass for pretty much every university course!

Source: MasterClass

How many Videos are on MasterClass?

2500+ video lessons and more than 180 classes are available on MasterClass.

As newer classes are going to be published, these numbers will pump up.

Graph about number of videos on Masterclass

Source: Upskillwise

How many Active Subscribers does MasterClass have? (Users)

At the moment, MasterClass has over 2 million subscribers.

Graph about Masterclass number of active subscribers

The table below shows you the amount of subscribers on MasterClass in the past three years.

Source: Business Model, Medium,

Which country has the largest number of MasterClass Active Subscribers in 2022? (Top 5 Pick)

The United States is the leading country in the list of active subscribers in 2022.

Graph about Masterclass top country active subscribers

Below you can see the top 5 countries:

Source: Similar Web

How many instructors does MasterClass have? has more than 100 instructors across 11 categories with their annual membership.

Infographic about Masterclass number of instructors

Who are the most popular instructors on MasterClass?

Chris Voss, a teacher in the sales domain is the most popular instructor. He’s got over 22 million views!

Here you can see a lengthy list of the most popular MasterClass instructors:

Source: Grand Canyon University

How much do MasterClass instructors get paid?

In 2017, the Hollywood Reporter said that most MasterClass instructors are paid at least $100,000 upfront and receive a share of at least 30% of the revenue; it seems likely that those numbers have increased over the last five years.

Infographic about Masterclass instructors payment

Source: Techcrunch

What are the most viewed videos on MasterClass?

The #1 most viewed MasterClass video is Chris Voss’ video on sales, with 22 million views and engagement.

Infographic about the most viewed video on Masterclass

Source: Grand Canyon University

Who are MasterClass Subscribers?

MasterClass Subscribers’ demography by Gender

48.72% of subscribers to are men and 51.28% are women.

Graph about MasterClass Subscribers’ demography by Gender

Looking at this data, we can note how MasterClass has a fair balance between the male and the female audience, with an almost perfect 50% ratio.

MasterClass is available for anyone, regardless of their gender. The goal on this platform is to learn and develop yourself.

Source: Similar Web

MasterClass Subscribers’ demography by Age

The majority of visitors are between the ages of 25 and 34.

Graph about MasterClass Subscribers’ demography by Age

The 25-34 age group is MasterClass’ largest age group (29.88%), followed by the 18-24 group (27.45%).

Source: Similar Web

MasterClass Subscribers’ demography by Country

MasterClass has the most subscribers in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

Graph about MasterClass Subscribers’ demography by Country

Source: Similar Web

Who are MasterClass’ Targeted Users?’s target user is most likely a highly educated, upper-middle-class young adult who enjoys a variety of interests in their spare time.

Source: Medium

How many App downloads did MasterClass get in 2024?

  • MasterClass has over 1 million Android app downloads.
  • MastersClass also got 127,000+ million iOS app downloads

Source: Play Google, Apps Apple

MasterClass Web Traffic Analysis

MasterclassTop Marketing Channels

The top traffic source to is search traffic, driving 74.83% of desktop visits last month, and direct is the 2nd with 20.47% of traffic.

Infographic about Top Marketing Channels

The most underutilized channel is mail. Drill down into the main traffic drivers in each channel below

Source: Similar Web

Social Media Traffic to Masterclass gets most of its social media traffic from YouTube, followed by Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you’ve used Non-Premium YouTube before, then you might’ve seen MasterClass’ ads that promote learning online.

Infographic about

Then, it’s probable that you’ve seen certain YouTubers promoting MasterClass within their videos. That’s why YouTube is the #1 traffic driver to the MasterClass.

Source: Similar Web

MasterClass Traffic and Engagement Analysis

  • receives 11.4 million monthly unique visitors on average.
  • These users visited using the following devices.

Over half of MasterClass’ users are using a mobile device. That is most likely a phone or a tablet.

This actually goes for all of the countries in which MasterClass is used.

Source: Similar Web, Semrush

What is the Average Time Spent by Users on MasterClass? visitors spent an average of at an average of 10 minutes per lesson.

Infographic about Masterclass visitor average time

Source: MasterClass

How many people work at MasterClass?

In June 2022, laid off more than 20% -30% of its employees, having left just 534 people working at the company.

Graph about Masterclass number of employees

The decision to lay off the employees was in order to adapt to the macro environment and achieve faster self sustainability, according to David Rogier (CEO of MasterClass).

Source: LinkedIn, Growjo, Learnopoly

Where is MasterClass available? (which countries) is available all over the internet-connected world!

Source: MasterClass

What are the notable Frequently Asked Questions about MasterClass?

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