How To Fill Out PDF Forms On Mac (2024)

Welcome to the easiest way to fill out PDF forms. We'll teach you how to do it for free, and we'll do it for you on this very page
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Got a PDF form and wish to fill it? We’ll help you do it here.

We’ve got the key to filling PDF forms using a MacBook or iMac without having to pay anything. Besides, its not going to take longer than 30 seconds to do it.

At SignHouse, we’ve developed the ultimate PDF form filler for Mac users. Let’s check it out and see how you can use it!

How to fill a PDF Form on Mac

Quickly fill a PDF form using your Mac device: Upload the PDF form, select the text tool and start writing. Then, feel free to save the filled PDF form.

After uploading the PDF form, you’re going to see it in our PDF editor, like so:

How to fill out a PDF form on Mac

Simply click on the ‘Text Field’ tool on the menu (left side of the screen).

Then, you can drag text text box anywhere on the PDF document. Feel free to write anything you need on the PDF form.

You can add as many text fields as you need within the form.

Can I edit PDF on a Mac?

Yes. Here are some of the things you can change to a PDF on your Mac:

  1. Fill forms;
  2. Extract pages;
  3. Electronically sign;
  4. Compress to any size;
  5. Convert to any format…

With SignHouse’s PDF Tools, you can do pretty much everything you want to PDFs.

What happens to my PDF form?

After uploading your form, our system generates a 1:1 copy of the file. The copied file can now be edited and filled as a form.

As for the file you uploaded, here’s what happens to it:

  • Our system deletes it hours (at most) after uploading;
  • Then you get to re-edit, fill, share, private-share, or delete the new PDF form.

You can access the new document from your dashboard, where you get to choose whatever comes next for the file. Full control goes to you!

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