How To Fix: Document Is Too Big For Email (Free)

Let us introduce you to the free software that helps you send big documents via email. It's quick and really easy!
Last updated on:
January 20, 2023
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You might be on this page because:

  • You have a PDF document;
  • You want to send it as an attachment via email;
  • An error says: “Document is too big for email”;
  • You need to make it smaller so you can send it.

If that’s true, then let us tell you that you’ve come into the right place, as we’ve developed the ultimate PDF compression software for you.

By the end of reading this page, you’ll be leaving with a large file that’s able to be sent via email — you can do it on this very page!

How to send large files via email

To get rid of the error saying that you file is too big to send via email, upload your file in the box below, click the button to compress it, wait 10 seconds and download.

  1. Upload the document that needs to be smaller in the box above;
  2. Customise the compression settings (leave as is);
  3. Wait ~10 seconds & Download the new file.
Resizing a PDF

That’s all you have to do to make a file smaller so you can send it by email.

It was quick and 100% free, as promised. No gimmick.

What files can I make smaller for email?

You can compress any document that you want to send via email. For instance:

  • iPhone pictures that are over 3MB;
  • Large PDF documents (25MB+);
  • DOC/DOCX files;
  • etc

At SignHouse, you can compress and send any file via email.

What if I’m using pictures on iOS?

There’s also a way to do it for picture, and it is to scan the document. If you happen to use an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can use the Notes app.

Scanning a signature via Apple Notes

To scan your signature using Apple Notes:

  1. Go to the “Notes” app;
  2. Select a note (or make a new one);
  3. Click the “Camera” icon (above the keyboard);
  4. Select “Scan Documents”;
  5. Write your signature on a piece of paper & Take a picture of it;
  6. Drag the corners so that your signature sits into an approximate rectangle (no need to make it perfect here — iOS will adjust this);
  7. Make sure you edit the picture, to assure you have a white background: Click on the 3rd icon, select greyscale. That’s it!

The only con of this method is that you musth ave an Apple/iOS device. If you’re an Android user, make sure to check our Android eSignature maker as well.

Does making a file smaller hurt it?

Definitely not. Your file remains the same, and we only reduce the overall file size, but we never touch the contents.

Here’s what actually happens when making files smaller with us:

  • A. We look for excessive data in the document;
  • B. The system deletes it only if that data is not going to hurt the experience of using that document.

Example: You wish to send a PDF document via Gmail and it says that the file is too large to be sent. You then compress your file with our system and you’re able to attach it to any Gmail message.

Here is a quick list of the things that remain unchanged when compressing a file:

  • Text;
  • Fonts;
  • Images;
  • Page settings;
  • Colours;
  • Tables.

What happens after reducing a file’s size?

Our system generates a 1:1 copy of the initial document, only now the copied file is smaller than the initial one.

Now, you’ free to send the file via Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, and any other mail provider.

Regarding your privacy, here’s what we do after you reduce a file’s size:

  • We delete the old file from our documents hours after compression;
  • The new, smaller file that’s able to be sent via email is available in your library, where you can edit, share, private-share, or delete it.

When using SignHouse, you’ve got 100% control of your documents.


What do I do after I resize my PDF?

The possibilities are endless, so to speak.

We offer a suite of PDF-editing tools that work to the same level of efficiency, simplicity and speed — you can delete pages, split PDFs, merge PDFs and so much more.

In our dashboard (but also on our website), you can browse through the plethora of tools we put out.

But remember: we're an eSigning company first and foremost — you can eSign your documents, safely and securely, for free with us! So do check that out as well.

Once your document is edited, it'll be in your dashboard (if you want to keep it there). From there, it takes even fewer clicks to edit further, in case you have any alterations you want to make to it.

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