How To Edit A PDF (Free, 2024)

Edit PDF files for free, in 10 seconds: no limits or gimmicks. We've tested all the available PDF editors, and none of them is this advanced
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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You might be on this page because you’ve just got a PDF document and you wish to edit it, but you’re not quite sure how to do it.

If that’s true, then fear not, SignHouse has the key for your door to editing PDFs.

By the end of this article, you’ll leave with an edited PDF without having to pay money for it.

Our software is free, and it’s optimised to work on this very page. Let’s get at it!

How to edit a PDF without Adobe Acrobat

To edit the contents of a PDF document without Adobe or any other paid app, upload your PDF to SignHouse and start editing it.

  1. Upload a PDF to SignHouse;
  2. Start editing it to your needs;
  3. Apply changes & Download.

At SignHouse, you can edit the PDF as much as you need: customize text, highlight text, add images and symbols, or electronically sign as well.

1. Upload a PDF

The very first step to editing a PDF is, of course, uploading it in our system so we can know which document you want to modify.

Upload a PDF before you write on it

Feel free to drag & drop the document, or just browse your computer to find and select the PDF file.

2. Edit the PDF

After uploading the PDF, it’s time for the fun part — editing the document!

How to edit a PDF without Adobe Acrobat

In the middle of the screen, there’s the live preview of your document. There you will see all of the changes you’re making to the file.

On the left, you can observe the menu with the changes you can make to the PDF.

Pro Tip: If you want to get access to the contract in the image above, make sure to see our Non-Compete Agreement Template that is free to duplicate & use.

* Later versions of SignHouse will offer way more features than visible above.

3. Sign & Download

After making your changes to the document, you can choose to sign and download the new PDF.

Simply downloading the edited PDF without signing it is also an option.

How can I edit a PDF for free?

After (signing and) saving your edited PDF, feel free to share it with other people.

That’s it!

What happens to my PDF?

Our system generates a 1:1 copy of your document, only now it is edited according to your preference.

We do care about privacy, and in the good way. Hence:

  • We delete the pre-editing document from our system hours (at most) after you’ve uploaded it;
  • The edited PDF can be seen in your dashboard, where you get to choose what happens to it.

The edited PDF can be re-edited, shared, private-shared, or deleted — it’s your call, as you have full control over your documents at SignHouse.


Can I edit a PDF document for free?

Yes, at SignHouse, everything's free and also quick. Editing PDF documents and writing on them takes 10 seconds only.

Can I make an editable PDF without Acrobat?

Yes! You just need to use an online software like SignHouse:

  1. Upload the PDF in our system;
  2. Start making any changes to the file.

How can I edit a PDF on a Mac?

To quickly edit PDF documents using your Mac (for free):

  1. Go to SignHouse and upload the PDF;
  2. Start making changes to it;
  3. Apply changes & Downalod it.

There's really no optimal way to edit PDFs using Mac devices, but SignHouse is here to help you.

How can I make a PDF editable for free?

At SignHouse, we make PDFs editable instantly:

  1. Upload it to SignHouse;
  2. Simply start making your edits.

How do I change a PDF from read only to editable?

Yo make any PDF editable instead of read-only, you can upload your document to SignHouse and we'll automatically make it editable for you. It's free and it takes just 10 seconds.

How to edit a PDF in Word?

Editing PDF files in Microsoft Word is quick as well. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Select "File", and then "Open" (in the top-left corner);
  2. Click the PDF document to open it;
  3. Start making your changes to the file;
  4. Apply changes.

You can also sign a PDF in Word. If you don't have access to Word, remember that SignHouse can always be your free alternative.

How to edit a PDF on Android?

Editing PDF documents on any Android device works the same:

  1. Upload your PDF document;
  2. Edit text or add any new blocks;
  3. Sign & Download the file.

Editing PDF files using Android phones or tablets is 100% free and it takes no more than 10 seconds of your time. That easy!

Is it illegal to edit a signed PDF?

It is illegal to change the terms of a PDF document that's already been signed. The only editing that you can make is just adding your own signature to the file.

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