DocHub Review: DocHub VS SignHouse (2024)

Reviewing DocHub and fairly comparing it to SignHouse. Side-by-side eSignature software comparison.
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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In contrast, DocHub and SignHouse are two powerful eSigning tools. And according to raving fans, both do a superb job in helping them get the job done! But which one stands out just that tiny bit more? 

That’s why we’ve put together this comparison, detailing the key differences between both tools.

eSigning and online document management tools are super convenient these days. And businesses that use them probably wonder how they  managed before.

In just a couple of clicks, contracts can be signed and executed, all while reducing admin costs and headaches.

Let’s dive in!

DocHub Review vs SignHouse: Key Differences

DocHub and SignHouse are eSigning software with unique features that could make you favor one tool over the other. Let’s take a look at some key differences.


Analytic capabilities are great for finding out more about your documents. 

However, at this time, DocHub does not offer an analytic feature as such. But they have a free Analyze Feature Accreditation tool.

This functionality assists in your editing process by standardizing the formatting of your document to boost productivity.

On the other hand, SignHouse offers straightforward analytics. You can find out the real-time status of your documents and manage multiple documents efficiently.


The best eSigning platforms integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use. And both devices offer an impressive selection of integration options.

With DocHub, you can integrate PDF docs with cloud storage company, Box.

In addition, the DocHub add-on accommodates Google Workspace and Dropbox integration. You can use it to edit and sign documents from Google apps, then share them among your Google contacts.

SignHouse can fit your current work processes through integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more. It supports multiple document formats, including the ability to sign PDF, DOC + DOCX, images and more.

Pricing Offer

So how much are DocHub and SignHouse charging? 

Both tools offer free and paid plans, and depending on your requirements, their free offerings may suffice.

If you opt for DocHub’s “Pro” plan, you’ll have the option to pay monthly or annually, while SignHouse accepts monthly payments and offers a lifetime deal offer.

Getting the lifetime deal at SignHouse means you’re paying just once for the app and keep it forever, without any monthly payments.

What is DocHub?

Online PDF editing and document signing tool, DocHub was first launched in 2014.

For nearly a decade, it has supported users in revising their PDF documents by adding text, drawings, annotation, and eSignatures.

The app is intended to aid document circulation, form creation and completion. Plus, it includes functions that’ll make your signature-gathering processes easier.

DocHub works just as well on your smartphone as on a desktop, allowing everyone access to documents from anywhere.

Key Features

Feature 1: Google and Dropbox Integrations

Google and DropBox integrations

DocHub’s smooth integration with Google Drive, Gmail, and Dropbox is a major plus for this tool. You can import Gmail or Google Drive files directly into DocHub.

After making your edits, you can send them to Google Drive or share them via email with your contacts. Then, easily send documents for signing to other people.

Feature 2: Create, Edit, and Complete PDF Forms

Create, edit, and fill PDF forms

PDF editing is one of DocHub’s primary features, so it’s not surprising that their create, edit, and complete PDF feature is solid.

DocHub supports all built-in PDF fields, including linked fields for detailed and high-quality PDFs. Their “Field Manager” feature helps you change existing fields and create new ones, including checkboxes and more.

And aside from PDF editing, you can edit almost any document type without needing to install the document’s software.

Feature 3: Instantly eSign Any Document

eSign documents

And lastly, you can have your documents electronically signed quickly.

If you need to sign a doc, you can import it into DocHub, and add your signature by dragging and dropping it into the signature area.

DocHub also lets you request signatures and offers help to fill in PDF forms. It ensures forms are filled out correctly, signed, and finalized by guiding recipients through each field.


At the moment, DocHub pricing is considered one of the cheapest and they keep things simple with two plans. Their free plan is pretty generous and can support document management for small businesses. And they’ve also thrown in some premium tools, including priority Tech support.

They do offer a pro plan, which grants you unlimited documents, eSigs and sign requests. Plus, it comes with a free plan, meaning you won’t have to put any hard cash down straight away.

DocHub Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive PDF editing features using drag and drop
  • Supports most document formats
  • Supports several languages, including: Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew
  • Uses cutting-edge security authentication
  • Mobile friendly


  • It can be expensive if you need the Pro plan for several users
  • Some features may include a slight learning curve

DocHub Alternative: SignHouse

If all that PDF talk has made your head spin, you might be pleased to know that although SignHouse also offers solid PDF document management, their main focus is eSigning.

SignHouse, also known as UseSignHouse, is making eSigning easy for realtors and injecting some fun into the eSigning process. So right off the bat, you know this tool is more dedicated to eSigning than DocHub.

SignHouse’s handwritten signature generator works seamlessly and is intuitive, fast, and efficient. Its mobile-first design means that parties can sign documents anytime and from the comfort of their smartphones.

SignHouse wants its interface design to keep up with the times in terms of aesthetics and functionality. They intend to become a central hub for eSignatures, document management, productivity, and the like.

Key Features

Feature 1: Sign Documents Online

SignHouse Features

SignHouse offers an easy-to-use interface for trouble-free eSigning to make your contracts legally binding quicker. Send documents to signatories, and everyone can sign their signature, initials, and other form field types.

In addition, contract templates can be used for repetitive signing. They’re free too!

Its eSigning features include digital signature creation. You can draw, upload, or type your signature then SignHouse will create an attractive eSignature for you to use anytime

Feature 2: Track Document Progress

SignHouse helps you stay on top of your documents by making it easy to find contracts signed by others and the ones you’ve signed.

In addition, once requested signatures via email, you can see real-time updates via the interactive dashboard.

Features like email reminders to signees are ideal for helping you complete the contract lifecycle in less time.

Feature 3: Extensive Resource Hub

One of SignHouse’s stand-out features is its extensive range of resources.

When it comes to eSigning and document management, it provides help and information on almost anything from free, legally vetted contract templates to eSignature tool comparisons and how-to guides.


SignHouse sign-up button

Like DocHub, SignHouse “offers the best signing experience” through two no-fuss plans. Their free plan includes ten signatures each month for one user, and the monthly plan for $49 has unlimited signatures for unlimited users and multi-user support.

SignHouse Pros and Cons


  • Analytics for document and signee tracking
  • Large selection of eSigning and document management resources
  • Digital signature creation feature
  • Signee email reminders
  • Signature removal feature
  • Free legal contract templates
  • Intuitive mobile first design


  • New software, so not as established as DocHub

DocHub Review vs SignHouse: Feature Comparison

And here’s an overview of their main differences:

SignHouse is the go-to tool for eSigning and all your document management needs. It helps you to get your contracts underway quicker by resolving hold-ups.

With SignHouse, you can create your legal agreements using their expertly vetted contract templates and learn everything to know about digital signatures and more about document management realm.

Have your admin costs reduced and free up more time by using SignHouse for automated eSigning.

The Verdict is In

Signing the agreement is the final stage of the contract lifecycle and used to be the slowest to complete. And many deals would fall through because of this.

Thanks to eSigning tools, this problem has quickly become an issue of the past. eSigning reduces admin overhead and generally makes the process run more seamlessly.

This DocHub vs. SignHouse comparison highlighted that both tools deliver a reliable eSigning service; however, if your focus is on eSigning, then SignHouse is the better option. DocHub is an established platform focused on simplified and fully-featured PDF editing. 

In contrast, SignHouse focuses on offering a robust eSigning tool to gather signatures in as few steps as possible. Its straightforward functionality and simple interface layout makes it intuitive to use.

Realtors and people working in many industries can benefit from quicker deals through easier collaboration with the parties involved.

In addition, you can find help and  information using their free resources such as this article reviewing DocHub and offering an alternative.

Consider heading to SignHouse to get started with a free account today! Thank you for reading our DocHub vs SignHouse review.

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