How to Get a Customer Success Job In 2024

Businesses know the importance of customer success. The majority of large organizations have customer success teams and it costs less than 10% of annual recurring revenue
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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As businesses have started hiring customer success staff, there has been an enormous increase in the number of customer success jobs ranging from customer success managers to customer success assistants and more.

The demand for customer success staff increased significantly in the past couple of years. This is due to the fact that customer success has transformed into a philosophy that’s a new growth engine for today’s businesses. Customer success used to be a sales activity, then it changed to a function, and now it is a complete philosophy that businesses of all sizes are adapting.

This shift from a mere sales activity to philosophy has opened several customer success jobs and roles that didn’t exist before. If you are interested in a customer success job and want to get one, keep reading…

Step to Getting a Customer Success Job

Getting a customer success job will become easier if you follow a systematic approach. It is best to have a plan and then apply on jobs of your choice rather than randomly sending your resumes to several companies with the hope to get a response.

Here is an 8-step plan to get a customer success job.

Step #1: Develop Right Skills

Before you get started, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the top customer success skills that employers look for. You need a mix of behavioral, people, and analytical skills to get a customer success job. Here is a list of top skills for a customer success job:

Having one or more of these top skills will significantly increase your chance of getting your desired job. You can use job portals like Indeed to find what types of skills employers are looking for.

Looking at a few jobs from different companies will give you a quick overview of what skills are in high demand.

Step #2: Get Certification

One of the easiest ways to enhance your skills is to get certifications. There are several customer success certifications and courses that you can choose from. A certificate shows a potential employer what you know, and this is the reason why they’re preferred. If you have served at a customer success position in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean you fully understand all the ins and outs. A certificate, on the other hand, clearly states what you know and are capable of.

Step #3: Target an Industry

Choose an industry based on your education, interest, and experience. For instance, if you have served in a SaaS company, you should aim for customer success positions in SaaS companies. If you are trying to get your first customer success job, choose an industry.

There are multiple benefits of targeting a specific industry:

  • The chances of getting a job increase
  • Career development becomes easier
  • Growing and excelling in an industry makes you an expert

Step #4: Select Companies

You can’t send your resume to all the businesses in your target industry. You must find and target a few companies. It is recommended to start with 10 companies. Gather information about companies such as:

  • Company history and culture
  • Top management
  • Average pay
  • Hiring schedule

Visit company websites, social accounts, and see if you’ll be able to fit in. It’ll be best to talk to someone who has worked in the company or is currently working. You can find employees from Facebook or LinkedIn. It isn’t necessary but getting firsthand knowledge about the culture of the company helps a lot.

One of the most important information that you must collect at this stage is how your target employer hires. Most companies hire through LinkedIn or use job portals like Glassdoor. Make sure you reach out to the company through its preferred hiring channel.

Step #5: Create a Professional Resume

This is the interesting part. Creating a professional resume is an important part of the job hunt process but a lot of candidates make one common mistake – they create a single resume for all the companies.

Don’t do it.

You need to customize your resume. Create a highly targeted resume for each employer.

Refer to the information you collected about the target companies and start customizing your CV. You have to tweak your personal goals and make them relevant to the company you are targeting. If a company hires through LinkedIn, you must create a LinkedIn account and keep it active.

Use a resume builder tool like Canva or Resume Build. Keep it concise yet attractive. It should have all the important details without appearing fluffy. You need to take your resume seriously as a well-written resume increases your earning potential by 7%. It is a great idea to hire a professional to create a resume for you.

Step #6: Apply for the Job

It’s time to apply.

If you are applying through a job portal, fulfill all the requirements and send all the details. You’ll be required to send a cover letter. Have it ready. The cover letter must be personalized with no fluff. Avoid sending the same cover letter to all the companies.

If the employer asks to send a resume via email, send it with your cover letter. Write a professional email and add your cover letter in the email body. It is recommended to attach your resume in both PDF and DOC formats.

If your desired company isn’t hiring now, you need to wait. Keep an eye on the hiring channel and as soon as they announce a customer success job, apply with confidence.

You need to act professionally. Sending emails to the employer asking when they’ll have open positions ruin your chance of getting hired. This information is available on the internet, you need to search it yourself. Asking from the company shows you didn’t do your homework and why they should hire someone who doesn’t bother to do some online research?

Step #7: Interview Preparation

Only 5 out of 250 applicants are called for an interview. If you followed all the steps above, it is highly likely that you’ll be called for an interview.

If you do, do your homework. Take notes, read about the company, check its website, look for the latest company news, check their social accounts, and have top management names on your fingertips (CEO, CMO, directors, etc.). Check this list of 50 most common job interview questions and prepare your answers. Since you applied on a customer success job, read recent news on customer success.

Step #8: Follow up

If you don’t get an interview call, don’t lose heart. You need to send a reminder via email. But you have to do so after the application closing date. Wait for a couple of weeks and then send a reminder.

A single reminder is enough. If you don’t get any reply, move on.

Repeat the process.


Research shows that an average job search in the US takes up to 5 months. You need to repeat the process if you don’t get an interview call or if you aren’t selected. It isn’t a big deal, that’s how you get a decent customer success job.

A good idea is to increase the number of companies you are targeting. When you increase the company pool, the chances of getting hired increase. In any case, don’t lose heart and don’t hesitate to repeat the above steps.

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