The Official Guide: Create Your Digital Signature (2024)

Create your digital signature with certification: Open the signature maker, design your digital signature, and then download it for free.
Last updated on:
May 03, 2024
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In this guide, we’ll teach you:

  • If you can create a Digital Signature
  • How to make yours
  • And how to sign documents with it

Can I create my own Digital Signature?

Yes, you can create your own digital signature with SignHouse. It’s free, legally binding, and reusable for any document. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the signature generator.
  2. Select your way: Draw, Type, or Upload.
  3. Create your digital signature.
  4. Download it & Sign documents.

How to Create a Digital Signature (online)

The most efficient way to make a digital signature is to use an online signature tool like SignHouse, which is 100% free:

  1. Open the digital signature maker.
  2. Select how to make yours — Draw or Type.
  3. Create your digital signature.
  4. Download it.
  5. Optional: Sign documents.

Create a digital signature from scratch and you won’t have to go through the old, lengthy process of scanning a signature.

How to create a digital signature for free

Besides, there are many ways you can create a digital signature with our tool:

  1. Draw your signature: Select the brush → draw your digital signature;
  2. Type your signature: Write it in the box → select the font you like most;
  3. Upload your signature: Browse local files → insert the signature.

Every option works just as fine. Pick whichever works best for you!

Digital Signature in Microsoft Word

1. Can you do a digital signature in Word?

Yes, you can, and there are three methods with SignHouse. Either draw your signature, upload a picture of an eSignature, or insert a signature line.

You can insert a signature line in Word in just a few steps: Click the “Insert” menu, select the “Signature Line” option, and type in the details.

2. How to create a Digital Signature in Word

Make a digital signature in Microsoft Word by clicking Insert and Signature Line. Then, introduce your digital signature’s information.

  1. Open your document.
  2. Click on “Insert” and then “Signature Line.”
  3. Fill in the signature details.
  4. Click “OK“.
  5. Save the document.
How to insert digital signature in Word
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Alternatively, use our Word signing tool to create it faster, and for free.

Digital Signature in Microsoft Excel

1. Can you create a signature in Excel?

Yes, you can digitally sign an Excel spreadsheet if the app’s version later than 2002. Insert a signature line, upload a signature image, or draw.

Note: If your Microsoft Excel app’s version is earlier than 2002, you won’t be able to digitally sign a spreadsheet. Only versions after 2002 have this feature.

2. How to Digitally Sign in Excel

You can create a digital signature for Excel in three methods: insert a signature line, upload an image, or use the draw feature.

The most popular way to add a digital signature in Excel is to insert a signature line:

  1. Open your Excel spreadsheet;
  2. Click InsertSignature Line;
  3. Type your signature’s information;
  4. Click OK.
How to insert digital signature in Excel spreadsheets

Alternatively, use SignHouse to create an Excel signature and insert it in the spreadsheet.

Our software is 100% free, and the signatures are legally binding in Excel as well.

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