Convert JPG to PDF At <500KB (2024)

Turn your JPG image into a PDF and reduce its file size to less than 500KB. In this guide, we're going to teach you how to do it properly
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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You’re probably here because:

  • You have a JPG or JPEG image;
  • You want to convert it to PDF;
  • But you want the PDF to be less than 500KB.

Upon trying all the other converters, we believe that we’ve manage to make the ultimate JPG-PDF converter.

Aside from any other JPG-PDF converter, we’re also helping you make your file’s size less than 500KB. We’re here for all of your JPG-PDF needs.

Now, let’s jump into the tutorial!

How to convert a JPG to a PDF less than 500KB

  1. Upload your JPG image;
  2. Click the option to convert to PDF;
  3. Save the <500KB PDF document.

At SignHouse, you’ve got full control over your JPG & PDF documents. For instance, you can even choose how much to compress your PDF.

Resizing a PDF

You can compress the JPG image saved as PDF to less than 500KB — choose any size that suits your needs best.

Can I bulk convert a JPG to PDF less than 500KB?

Yes, absolutely. Upload as many images as you want, select the option for less than 500KB, and download them for free.

How do I compress a PDF after JPG conversion?

Our system compresses the PDF automatically for you. Though, you can choose how much to compress a PDF after the PDF-JPG conversion process like so:

  1. Upload the PDF file;
  2. Select the size to compress to (e.g. 300KB, 500Kb etc);
  3. Download it in one click.

SignHouse has your back with the PDF tools for all your needs.

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