2024: How To Reduce The Size Of Word Documents

Study how to compress a Word file so you can save some space. In this post, we'll teach you everything about it!
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Since you’ve opened this page, you most probably:

  • Have a Word document (DOCX);
  • The file is too big;
  • And you want to reduce its size.

Continue reading to learn how to reduce the file size of your Word file. Besides, by the end of this blog post, you’ll leave with a smaller Word file.

That is because we’ve embedded our DOCX compressor on this page so you can easily reduce the file size of your Word document.

First, let’s answer the most relevant question:

Why is my Word document so large?

In 99% of the cases, Word documents are too large because of the media inside the file. For example: images, videos, Excel files and other data adds up to the file size.

Though, no more of that. Let’s see how to reduce the file size and stop all of that.

How to reduce Word file size (for free)

  1. Drop your Word file in the box below;
  2. Choose how to compress: Basic/Recommended/Extreme;
  3. Download your smaller Word document.

Feel free to compress your Word document to the preferred size.

As you’ve seen in the second step of the process to reduce the file size of a Word document, there are three presets to follow.

Resizing a PDF

Pick your favourite preset, according to your preference. Then, download your compressed Word document for free.

Can I compress a Word document for email?

Yes, absolutely. Compressed Word documents are easier to send via email: Upload yours > Select the programme > Download the smaller PDF.

At SignHouse, we’re making it easier to compress Word documents for all purposes.

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