How To Compress PDF Files (Free)

Learn how to compress a PDF for free. Reduce file size in 10 seconds
Last updated on:
June 08, 2023
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Straight to the point: we’ll show you how to compress a PDF 100% for free.

Below you can see a few popular reasons to compress a PDF document:

  • File-size limit when uploading PDFs on certain websites;
  • It’s faster to send a smaller PDF via email;
  • It saves some space on your device’s memory disk.

No matter why you’re looking to compress a PDF document, we’re here to help you cross that to-do off your list.

How to compress a PDF document

  1. Upload the PDF that you want to compress;
  2. Adjust the resizing settings (or leave as is);
  3. Wait ~30 seconds and download the smaller PDF.
Resizing a PDF

Well, that was the whole process; your PDF is now smaller. Short process, isn’t it?

Does compressing a PDF hurt it?

No, not at all. Upon compressing a PDF document, nothing happens to it, besides reducing making the file’s size.

To be transparent, here’s what actually happens in the system when compressing your PDF document to 800KB or even less than that:

  • A. Our system looks for repetitive data in your PDF;
  • B. The software only deletes that data if it’s not going to affect the experience using the PDF.

Example: 99% of the uncompressed PDF documents have repetitive data that can be removed. That’s exactly the kind of info that our system targets and removes.

Here is a quick list of the things that remain unchanged when compressing a PDF:

  • Text;
  • Fonts;
  • Images;
  • Page settings;
  • Colours;
  • Tables.

What happens after compressing a PDF?

After resizing your PDF, our system generates a copy of the pre-compression file and applies it changes, which in this case, it’s reducing the file size.

We do care about your privacy, and so, here’s what happens to the file uploaded:

  • Our system deletes the old, pre-compression file after a few hours;
  • The new, compressed PDF document is available in your dashboard, where you get to re-edit, share, delete, and do anything you need to that file.

At SignHouse, you’ve got 100% control of your files and what happens to them.


What do I do after I resize my PDF?

The possibilities are endless, so to speak.

We offer a suite of PDF-editing tools that work to the same level of efficiency, simplicity and speed — you can delete pages, split PDFs, merge PDFs and so much more.

In our dashboard (but also on our website), you can browse through the plethora of tools we put out.

But remember: we're an eSigning company first and foremost — you can eSign your documents, safely and securely, for free with us! So do check that out as well.

Once your document is edited, it'll be in your dashboard (if you want to keep it there). From there, it takes even fewer clicks to edit further, in case you have any alterations you want to make to it.

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