Calendly Pricing, Explained (2024)

Calendly's pricing is split in four plans: Basic (Free), Essentials ($8 per user/month), Professional ($12 per user/month), and Teams ($16 per user/month).
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Calendly Pricing

Calendly’s pricing is split in four plans: Basic (Free), Essentials ($8 per user/month), Professional ($12 per user/month), Teams ($16 per user/month).

The good old question: “Is Calendly free? How much does Calendly cost?” Fear not, we’re here to answer all of your questions on the topic of the app’s pricing.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through everything about Calendly’s pricing. We’ll check out their free trial, the free plan and the available paid plans.

First, let’s being by saying that Calendly is a scheduling software that is designed to help you organise your appointments and improve your workflow.

You might want to know everything about the app’s pricing before purchasing it to define whether you need Calendly or an alternative for booking.

Now, let’s waste no time and check out everything about Calendly’s costs.

Does Calendly offer a free trial?

Yes, Calendly has a 14-day free trial of the ‘Teams’ subscription.

The ‘Teams’ plan is usually $16 per user/month if billed yearly, or $20 per user/month billed monthly. This makes ‘Teams’ the priciest plan Calendly has.

Shortly, Calendly’s free trial gives you access to the most powerful plan for 14 days, having access to over 90% of the scheduling features it has to offer.

What happens when Calendly free trial ends?

Once your Calendly free trial ends, your account will automatically fall back to the free plan, also known as the “Basic” plan.

After ending your Calendly free trial for one account, you won’t be able to start a new one unless you don’t create a new account.

Though, most people either proceed to pay for Calendly or switch to another booking app once the free trial finishes.

How do I cancel my Calendly free trial?

Cancel your Calendly free trial like so: Go to Settings > Billing > Cancel Free Trial.

You’re able to cancel your Calendly free trial at any time before finishing it. This way, you will end your free trial and prevent yourself from paying for the app.

How to cancel Calendly free trial

As seen in the image above: if you’ve already created a Calendly account and used the free trial, you will notice the Billing section saying when your trial was ended.

In this example, the account’s free trial ended on the 18th of January, 2022.

Now that we know everything about Calendly’s free trial, let’s move on and have a chat about the free plan they offer.

Can you use Calendly for free?

Yes, you can use Calendly for free. They have a plan that is free forever, which means you can use their scheduling features against no charge.

Using Calendly’s “Basic, Always Free” plan, you can work alone and enjoy a taste of the app’s features.

Of course, there are less features on the free plan, but they are still quite generous and allow you to see what you can achieve with the tool.

What do you get for free with Calendly?

  1. A calendar connection (one app);
  2. Schedule unlimited meetings;
  3. Create a single active event type;
  4. Custom branding;
  5. Notifications (they are automated);
  6. Video conferences: Google Meet, Zoom etc;
  7. Support 24/7 via email.

These are the features you’re getting on Calendly’s free plan. As you can see, there are quite a few to help you a good amount of work done.

Calendly’s free plan gives you access to quite a few features that give you a main idea of how the software works and how it helps improve your workflow.

How many events are on free Calendly?

Calendly’s free plan allows you to create a single active event. If you want more events and a variety of event types, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

The first paid plan “Essentials” is also the one that starts offering unlimited event types. The plan costs $8 per user/month if billed annually, or $10 if monthly.

Hence, you’d need to pay just $8 per user/month if you want to access unlimited event types instead of just one at a time using the free plan.

How many calendars on free Calendly?

You can have just a single calendar on Calendly for free. This means you’ll connect only a single external calendar to the software.

If you want to sync a total of two calendars with Calendly, you’ll need to pay at least $8 per user/month, or $10 per user/month if billed monthly.

How much is Calendly? — Every plan

  1. Basic: Free forever;
  2. Essentials: $8 per user/month ($10 if billed monthly);
  3. Professional: $12 per user/month ($15 if billed monthly);
  4. Teams: $16 per user/month ($20 if billed monthly);
  5. Enterprise: Must contact Calendly’s sales team.

Aside from the free plan, Calendly’s price starts from $8 per user/month, and the most expensive plan reaches $20 per user/month.

Calendly’s Pricing Page (May, 2023)

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Pay only once for CalHouse and enjoy it forever. No more subscriptions!

Now, let’s have a closer look at every Calendly pricing plan.

1. Basic

  • Price: Free forever;
  • One calendar connection (one app);
  • Schedule unlimited meetings;
  • Create a single active event type;
  • Custom branding;
  • Notifications (they are automated);
  • Video conferences: Google Meet, Zoom etc;
  • Support 24/7 via email.

Calendly’s free plan, also known as the “Basic” plan can be used by anyone. It offers less than the free trial, but still enough to work smarter.

You can use the free plan if you don’t need to connect more than just one calendar app to Calendly. For example, you could only connect Google Calendar.

At the same time, the free plan also limits the amount of events you can have to just one active event.

If all of this is not bothering you, the free plan will be the one you’re looking for. Of course, the free plan is not designed for teams, but rather for personal use.

2. Essentials

  • Price: $8 per user/month ($10 if billed monthly);
  • Two calendar connections;
  • Schedule unlimited meetings;
  • Create unlimited events at a time;
  • Schedule group events;
  • Send notifications and reminders;
  • Access live chat support.

This is the ideal pricing plan for those that want a personal-use scheduling app. Calendly designed this plan for individuals instead of teams.

An upside of the Essentials plan is that you can now connect two calendars instead of now, as well as that you now have access to group events.

Also create unlimited events. On the free plan, you could only make an active event at a time, whereas now you don’t have any limits.

As for the support section, note how you’ve just upgraded to the Live Chat section of Calendly. On the free plan, you’d only get email support.

Frankly, there are a few reviews only saying how the free plan’s email “24/7” support is not really efficient.

Therefore, you might want to be on the Essentials plan if you want proper replies.

Calendly Pricing Page - Core Features
Calendly Pricing Page – Core Features

3. Professional

  • Price: $12 per user/month ($15 if billed monthly);
  • Create collective event types;
  • Create forms with other Calendly tools;
  • View analytics for your analytics;
  • Custom branding
  • Variety of integrations: Gmail, Paypal, HubSpot etc;
  • Notifications and reminders.

Of course, with every more expensive plan, you’re getting all of the features that you were getting on the previous one.

Calendly claims that the “Professional” plan is the most popular one, as it offers enough features for both individuals and teams.

One of the best parts about this plan is that here is when you start getting custom branding — adding your brand’s touch to the booking page, widget etc.

4. Teams

  • Price: $16 per user/month ($20 if billed monthly);
  • New event type: round robin;
  • Connect with HubSpot & Marketo forms;
  • Integrates with Salesforce;
  • Other small features for businesses.

Calendly’s “Teams” plan is out of the personal-use zone. You’d want to upgrade to this plan if you need a scheduling software for more people.

This plan is ideal for smaller businesses and teams of ±20 people, as this plan offers enough features for a team, and the next step is the “Enterprise” plan.

Speaking of which…

5. Enterprise

  • Price: Must contact Calendly’s sales team;
  • SSO & SCIM user provisioning;
  • Prioritised customer support;
  • Ensure compliance with an activity log;
  • Data deletion API.

The Enterprise plan doesn’t really need an explanation — it is designed for large businesses or teams with a lot of members.

You’d go for the “Enterprise” plan if you have a team which needs to manage a lot of appointments and different types of events.

Pricing for this plan is undisclosed, as it differs from a team to another. The best solution to find out how much this plan costs is to contact Calendly’s sales team.

Upon chatting to them, you will be tailored a solution for your company.

Which Calendly plan is right for me?

  1. Basic: If you don’t want to pay for Calendly;
  2. Essentials: If you want a personal-use scheduling app;
  3. Professional: If you want a small-business booking app;
  4. Teams: If you want a scheduling app for larger businesses;
  5. Enterprise: If you have a big company.

This is a short way to summarise Calendly’s pricing plans.

It’s worth mentioning that Calendly suggests you get the “Professional” plan, as it is good for both personal-use and for small businesses.

Though, if you’re tired of subscriptions, then you might want to look at another app for appointment scheduling: CalHouse.

CalHouse - Pricing Page
CalHouse – Pricing Page

We’re currently running a lifetime deal offer: get our scheduling software that works like Calendly (only it is more modern and cheaper) in just one payment.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading our guide on Calendly’s pricing!


How do I stop paying for Calendly?

    Follow these steps to stop paying for Calendly:

    1. Open your Calendly dashboard;
    2. Click Account → Billing (top right);
    3. Click to cancel your subscription.

    How long is Calendly free for?

    Calendly is free forever (free plan), though we're talking about their free trial, it only lasts 14 days and offers 80% of the software' features.

    Is Calendly actually free?

    Yes, Calendly is 100% free. They have a forever-free plan, as well as a free trial of the most expensive plan (lasts 14 days).

    Is Calendly free with Zoom?

    Yes, Calendly is free with Zoom. You can host video conferences on Calendly integrated with Zoom against no charge (on any pricing plan).

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