Google Forms: How To Add Signature To Online Forms

Take a picture of your signature, transfer it to your computer, and insert the image in the Google Form. Alternatively, use SignHouse.
Last updated on:
April 30, 2024
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While Google doesn’t provide a concrete way to add your signature in Google Forms, we’ve figured a reliable way to do it.

Let’s begin.

Can you add a signature to Google Forms?

Yes, you can add a signature to Google Forms — only with online signature tools, though. Google Forms doesn’t have a tool for this.

3 Ways: How to add Signature in Google Forms

There are three workarounds to help you add a signature in Google Forms:

  1. Use online signature tools;
  2. Add a text box for initials;
  3. Add a signature image box.

We’re going to look at each method right now.

Method 1: Online Software

The best way to electronically sign in Google Forms is to use an online software that generates your eSignature. SignHouse is a 100% free and reliable option.

Use SignHouse to add your signature in Google Forms:

  1. Convert your Form to PDF: Hit CTRL/CMD + P to open the print menu and save the file as PDF;
  2. Upload your PDF form in the box below;
  3. Create & Add your eSignature in seconds;
  4. Download the signed Google Form.

After uploading your form, you will see the Signature field on the left side of the screen. Next to it, there’s also the Initials field.

Select which way to create your signature: draw your signature or type it and then drag and drop it on the Google Form.

How to add signature to Google Forms

When you’re done, simply click the Sign and Download button in the top-right corner of the screen and save your signed Google Form.

Pro Tip: SignHouse also allows you to fill PDF forms, including Google’s!

Method 2: Initials (Text Box)

Less effective, but still a way to get somebody’s signature is to simply add a new field in your Google Form for signatures: either initials or full names.

Note: Collected eSignatures are not legally binding this way.

Add signature to Google Forms for free

At the end of the day, we don’t suggest using this for very serious purposes. Though, this is still a good non-formal option to get somebody’s name signature in Google Forms.

Pro Tip: You can also sign Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Method 3: Signature Image

Add a signature to Google Forms with a signature image field. This is a box where users can upload a picture of their signatures:

  1. Add a File Upload box;
  2. Describe it with a title and description;
  3. Apply changes;
  4. Send the document to your signees.
How to electronically sign in Google Forms for free

Compared to adding a text for for initials, this method would be considered legally binding, but the reality is that this isn’t such a secure way to verify a signature.

In the end, the best way to have a legally binding signature in Google Forms is to simply use a signature generator like SignHouse, which confirms the legality.

With SignHouse, you can sign online forms the easiest and most secure way.


Can Google Forms put a signature?

No — unfortunately, Google Forms doesn't have such a feature. You can use an eSignature maker like SignHouse to:

  1. Create your electronic signature (100% for free, and it's quick);
  2. Upload your Google Forms document;
  3. Attach the signature to the form.

How do I create a free signature in Google Forms?

Google Forms doesn't have a signature maker. Though, you can use a software like SignHouse to create a free signature for Google Forms:

  1. Create your electronic signature;
  2. Upload the Google Forms document;
  3. Drag and drop your eSignature on the form.

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