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About The Google Docs Contracts

Where can I get free Google Docs contract templates?

We've made this ultimate list of free, downloadable Google Docs contract templates.

You’re in the one place where you can find Google Docs agreements and contracts that suit all of your legal needs. Downloading them takes a few clicks, and so does editing them.

Why use a Google Docs contract template?

Instead of researching and writing a contract all by yourself, make contracts in Google Docs by duplicating our free templates.

It’s way easier to copy an already-made contract template that has all of the legal terms written and analysed by legal experts. All you have to do is save the template and add your details to it.

Are your Google Docs contracts legal?

All of our Google Docs contract templates are 100% legally binding as long as all of the signing parties agree to put their signatures on the documents.

Fear not, we’ve worked on all of the Google Docs contracts with expert legal advisors with lots of previous experience in the domain. You’re getting the most legally complete files here.

Do Google Docs contracts cost?

No, every Google Doc contract template that we’ve made is free. Simply get a copy of the contract you need and start filling it with information.

We believe that everybody should have access to these Google Docs contracts, hence why we’ve made all of them free of cost.

How can I use Google Docs contracts?

It’s simple. Download a contract template by adding it to your Google Drive folder, open it and start typing. Once you’re done, re-check it all and save it.

It’s really important to double-check all of the information that you’ve written in the contract, as you want to make sure that your contract is 100% complete and accurate.