Plans & Pricing

A word from the founders:
People are getting tired of subscriptions
We get it - we’re tired of subscriptions too. Our competitors charge $120 to $588/yr - per user

We’ll be honest: Calendar scheduling tools' prices are not set that way because they have to be. They’re set that way because it’s more profitable for the company. We’re trying something else, for a limited number of customers: pay once → get full access for life.

The earlier you get, the cheaper the price - and the more of a deal you’re getting, as we keep adding features (you’re getting access to those). It’s 70% to 90% cheaper than our competitors.

If you don’t want to commit, the monthly option is cheaper. Either way, you win!

Pay once. Use forever.

This is how much you would pay:
• With Calendly (or a competitor)
• For only 2 years...
• ...Compared to our lifetime deal

(Assuming a $15/mo price tag - some competitors charge higher than that)
LIFETIME (No monthly fees).
We will eventually increase prices. Buy now to lock in, before this expires!
Get Lifetime Deal
14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Safe payments via
Connect up to 5 calendars
In a workspace, everything is shared: documents, templates, etc.

Need to collaborate? Use a workspace with teammates/collaborators.

Adding people to a workspace is available only on paid plans. That said, you can create as many workspace as you want (including a personal one, just for yourself!)
Unlimited event types
You can create as many event types. An event type is a scheduling link. Whether you create one-off event types or a recurring event type, you're not limited here.
1 user
Currently, CalHouse only works in single-user mode. Later on, we'll enable collaboration. If you want to lock in this price, you can buy multiple LTDs.

We will honour these codes when we launch team collaboration
Google Calendar
Google Meet
Automated event notifications
We will notify you + your attendees about the upcoming event. That is all automated.
Price is better than competitors' annual plans
Given you're getting in so early (and making an investment into our product - see below), you're paying less for the lifetime deal than you would pay for 1 year with a competitor!
Initial customer support from the founders
14-Day Money Back Guarantee (only on this plan!)
Future features
These are features we're currently developing and releasing in the near future.

Buying a Lifetime plan now guarantees your access to those features when we release them.

Think of it as an investment!

Besides, you get to drive the direction of the product: we will further build features requested by our lifetime supporters
More locations: Zoom, MS Teams, Whereby, etc.
We're working hard to add more locations for the meetings, e.g. automated Zoom/Microsoft Teams/etc video or audio meetings.

If you lock in at this price, you won't pay the price increase CalHouse will have once more locations are supported!
Multiple Calendar connections: Apple, Microsoft (Microsoft/Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, etc)
We're working hard to add more calendars, besides Google Calendar.

If you lock in at this price, you won't pay the price increase CalHouse will have once more calendars are supported!
Buffers for events
Create buffers: block events from being scheduled 15/30/etc. minutes before and after an event that just got scheduled.

This way you can have breathing space in-between events!
Limits for events
Set limits for events, e.g.
• How far into the future can an event type be scheduled
• How many times can an event type be scheduled
• Minimum time notices
• etc.
Multiple availability schedules
You will be able to create multiple availability schedules. Therefore, different event types can be created with different availability schedules.

e.g. Summer time availabiltiy, Winter time availability schedule
One-off events
One-off events are event types that, once scheduled, expire. Use these for personalization, when inviting an attendee.

Personalize them by using the attendee's name, a special URL, etc.
Custom branding for scheduling links
Custom fields for attendees, when scheduling
Ability for attendees to select between multiple locations and/or durations
Recurring events
Round-robin event types
Buying an LTD is like becoming an investor. An investor in our company, our vision and our product.

We're building the features above, but we're also further listening to what our early supporters might need. Click to see (and contribute with suggestions to...?) our roadmap
Limited time offer! Lock this in before we stop it.
Got questions?
Think of buying the lifetime deal as an investment. If you get on the lifetime deal now, you'll:
  • Keep on getting access to more and more new features (see above) - all without paying more
  • The deal becomes more of a deal for you + your company
  • You keep on saving more money, as time goes by
  • You can buy the lifetime deal multiple times, to save more money in the long-term. Buying the deal multiple times now, even if you don't need them right now, will be honoured.
14 Days Money Back Guarantee
We want happy partnerships, not hostages.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 14 days of buying CalHouse, we will 100% refund you - no questions asked. Simply email us at and gladly return your money.

How much could you save with
CalHouse's lifetime deal?

Currently, I am paying
USD per user/month
$10 USD
$100 USD
For this many users:
1 user
100 users
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Every further year you're paying:
With SignHouse:
$0 extra
Since this is a lifetime deal, you won't have to pay anything else - not in 1 year, not in 3 years, not tomorrow.
With a competitor:
You'll save with SignHouse's offer:
After 1 year:
After 2 years:
$1,900 USD
After 3 years:
$3,100 USD
After 4 years:
$4,300 USD
After 5 years:
$5,500 USD
... and so on

Frequently asked questions about SignHouse

Lifetime deal? What's the catch?

Let us be 100% transparent.

There's no catch. The deal is: you pay once and get access to the plan for its lifetime.

Here's the fair bit: CalHouse is sold as-is + the features we've promised above + more features we'll add, through what you + us will drive via our roadmap.

In the future, we might introduce new plans, but for major updates. Take for instance the "payments" feature (the ability to collect payments when attendees book using your scheduling link). Our competitors have it, and it's massive. We might add that on a new, more premium plan later on, since it's a huge system of features. You would probably require a subscription to that plan. We're saying "probably" because we can't know what the future holds, but it's worth being honest and sharing this beforehand.

In all honesty, this would've happened in another way if there wasn't an LTD. The new premium plan would've cost, just like our competitors charge, e.g. $59/mo/user and would have required an update from the e.g. $19/mo/user plan you were on.

That said, make no mistake: our intent is to provide as much value as we can to our LTD buyers.

Are there any contracts, setup fees, or hidden fees?

We don't have any setup, contracts, etc. kind of fees. Besides, we even offer no-questions-asked money-back guarantees. See above! 

Can I get a refund?

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. However, we'd love to hear your feedback. Just let us know on if CalHouse isn't for you and we'll sort it out for you!

What if I have more questions?

Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗

How it works

CalHouse is built with simplicity in mind. Getting started requires 3 simple steps.
Step 1

Claim username

Your username will dictate your scheduling link, e.g. Make sure you claim your username now, before someone else gets it!
Step 2

Connect calendar

Connecting your calendar is simple and straightforward. This way, attendees events will be added to your calendar, while our systems check for your availability.
Step 3

Customize & share your link

You're almost done: personalize your schedule link and... schedule away! You're now at the finest level of productivity, when it comes to your calendar 🥳.
"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity."
Steve Jobs
Co-Founder and CEO, Apple

About us

CalHouse is a self-funded SaaS company built by founders who are not doing this for the first time. Neither the 2nd, or 3rd time.

We’ve built successful, profitable bootstrapped companies before: with 10,000,000+ users, with tens of thousands of paying customers, with B2B/B2C/Prosumers audiences, freemium/free/fully-paid business models and for a multitude of years.

With CalHouse, our aim is to create a Calendly alternative (meeting scheduling software) that charges a fairer price. We believe people are getting tired of subscriptions (At least we are. And we have sold subscription software! Buying is even more impactful) and scheduling software is one of the products that do not need to be sold in a subscription system.

We want to offer a fairer deal.

Besides, this as well happens very often: startups raise money - either too early, too much, or at too high of a price. Then they burn down because of their own “success”, which can lead to: loss of control, change of ownership, price doubling virtually overnight with no prior notice - and many other negative consequences.

We are self-funded. That allows us to make the decisions that are in the best of our customers+users and our company, without acting under the heavy pressure of a 10,000-kgs/lbs weight of VCs, public markets, other shareholders etc. Additionally, it allows us to reinvest any profits back into the business, which will help us develop CalHouse further.

As mentioned above, think of buying the LTD as an investment! We’re confident CalHouse can be built together - with you.

We hope to see you joining us on this exciting journey ahead!

Co-founders of SignHouse
More about us: