Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Use this free meeting room scheduling software to book a room and host a meeting with your team or clients: Claim username > Connect calendar > Select room & Invite people.
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How to set up a meeting room booking system

Create your own meeting room booking system: Sign up for the software and claim your unique username, then connect at least one (and up to five) calendar apps to sync your scheduled and upcoming events. Lastly, select which room to book and invite your meeting’s participants via email.

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1. Get your username

Every CalHouse username is unique, so make sure you lock in the name you want for your account.

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2. Connect calendar

Link up to five calendar apps to CalHouse in order to sync your events: Google, Apple, Outlook etc.

3. Book room & Invite

Select which meeting room you want and for how long. Then, send invites via email to participants.

Schedule a meeting room online — it's easy!

Use CalHouse to book a meeting room and invite as many people as you need to the event. With our meeting room scheduling software, it takes only a click to book a room and invite participants to the event, so you don't have to waste any more time on calls trying to find an empty room — or at least a room where you can quickly host a meeting. CalHouse makes it easier to stay organized and select a conference room where you can have a meeting with your team and clients.

Free Meeting Room Booking App - CalHouse

Find the perfect room

Schedule a meeting room in person and online. Our software is designed to help you find the right room for you meeting, as well as host online meetings of all types: one-to-one, group scheduling, round robin etc.

Easier communication

Bring everybody together in a meeting room in just one click. With CalHouse, you can host meetings and hear everybody out — make announcements understand what you clients and teammates think.

Stay organized

In your CalHouse dashboard, you'll see all of your upcoming events and scheduled meetings. With a simple and modern layout, CalHouse helps you manage your time better and stay organized as well.

Custom reminders

Make sure to increase meeting attendance with custom reminders. Our meeting room scheduling software helps you send personalized reminders to every meeting participant with any update you need.

Why use our room scheduling software?

Because your time is important, and CalHouse is a helping hand to saving more of your time rather than wasting it. With a simple interface that allow you to see everything on your plate, you can have a look at every scheduled meeting and even create new bookings. All it takes is a few seconds and 1 click of yours to stay organized.

Never overlap

Avoid any meeting rom overlapping with this software. If you ever wanted to book a room and you found it busy or somebody else came in during your meeting,   these days will now be gone. CalHouse keeps it tidy.

Better pricing

CalHouse runs on lifetime pricing — it's a software you buy once and you keep forever, without having to pay any extras. While other apps charge you monthly, our meeting room booking manager requires doesn't.

Made for everyone

Whether you work alone as a freelancer or with a small or a large team, CalHouse is the app you're looking for. You can use this room booking software on the go, on your computer, and for as many people as needed.

No more late starts

With CalHouse, you set the date and time of the meeting and the room is all yours starting then. Send people reminders and have everybody showing up at your meeting. Everything's straight to the point here.

What they say about us

No-brainer pricing for a small business - or even big business, I reckon : - )

Tried the product. Worked like a charm. Never had any problem + the clean UI got us. Wish there would be more features, but I believe in the team behind.
Harsh G.
Founder, CEO
I got early access of CalHouse and I'm impressed. I was expecting a watered-down version of Calendly to be honest, but what I got instead was different. Straightforward, very intuitive, no-bs approach. It turned out to be Calendly, without the bells and whistles.
Max W.
I've tried all cal scheduling tools...I'm currently migrating from Calendly to CalHouse!
Annie Hoy
Quick, simple bookings + beautiful design + perfect pricing.

Overall, CalHouse is a great great alternative to Calendly (or others).
Kristina G.
Web Designer
"Perfect for me, perfect for my clients. Can't ask for more!"
"Clean, simple, gets the job (our job!) done"
"Stellar customer support, very happy to support the vision"

Frequently asked questions

How much does CalHouse cost?

CalHouse currently is offered with one-off pricing: pay once and keep the software forever. We offer lifetime pricing so you don't have to pay monthly fees for such a simple tool, while competitors ask you to do the opposite.

You can check out CalHouse's pricing here!

What is a booking page?

A booking page is a webpage whose URL you share with people. Once opened, a booking page shows dates and times you're available to meet people (of course, you're the one who establishes availability).

Can I connect my calendar(s) with CalHouse?

Yes, you can connect up to five different calendar apps to CalHouse. Feel free to connect Google Calendar, Apple iCalendar, Outlook Calendar, Microsoft 365 Suite, and any other app you may need. Create a centralized calendar!

Can I host conferences with CalHouse?

Yes. CalHouse connects with audio & video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.

How do you compare to ______?

We have a generous free plan, so we highly encourage you to make the comparison yourself! It costs you nothing - and no hard feelings if you don't want to go with us.

We would really love to know what made you go with us or somebody else! If you could take a moment to write to us about that, we'd highly appreciate it.

What's different about CalHouse?

Simpler and more efficient
CalHouse is Calendly without the unnecessary bells and whistles. More power for less.
Fair pricing
Meeting schedulers don't need to cost a monthly subscription. Pay the fair price with CalHouse.
No need for instructions
You and your attendees won't need an instruction manual to figure it out.
Our infrastructure is as solid as it gets. Emails get delivered ~instantly. Invites always reach attendees.
It Just Works™
Big, old software is buggy, clunky and slow. Built with simplicity in mind, we make signing a breeze.
Fast to use, fast to load. The SignHouse experience will be snappy for you and your signers.